Top 10 Recovery-as-a-Service Questions Answered: The Next Step to Understanding

July 23, 2013 by Diana Nolting

As a service provider, Bluelock is dedicated to educating our clients, friends and prospects about the benefits of Recovery-as-a-Service and the unique capabilities, and limitations, of this solution as a way to protect your applications.  

We started our educational series with, "HOW TO IMPLEMENT A DR STRATEGY THAT WORKS," a 60-minute webinar that showed attendees how to protect and recover applications quickly, how to lower costs while improving RTO and RPO and how to implement easy and affordable testing. 

Once we set the strategy in motion, we moved onto RaaS '201' with a technical "DEEP DIVE INTO DISASTER RECOVERY IN THE CLOUD". In this 60-minute session Bluelock dug deep to show how exactly RaaS works, specifically targeted at the technical user and their questions.  Attendees of this session learned how to seed and migrate their data to the cloud, how to test and declare and how to recover apps remotely and across the country. Attendees were treated to three live demos which helped to showcase the solution's capabilities. 

And now that we've covered the strategy at a high level and the technical at a deep-dive level, there's still another session we want to host to help you on your journey to understanding RaaS and being an informed buyer, and user, of this new technology. 

In "10 RECOVERY-AS-A-SERVICE QUESTIONS ANSWERED", a webinar on Wednesday July 24, 2013 at 2 p.m. ET, Bluelock CTO Pat O'Day and Bluelock Solutions Architect Jake Robinson will address the top 10 RaaS questions we've heard over the past three months.  

Questions answered will include: 

- "What is RaaS? Is it better backups or better DR?" This question category will include a quick guide to backups and RaaS solution comparisons. 

- "Are there size or data limitations with RaaS?" This includes questions like, if your environment is too small or too large and storage or VM limitations with the solution. 

- "How do I initially transfer my data to the cloud?" This answer will include information on initial replication networking setup including security and connectivity option considerations. 

- "What's automated and what's not?" This category of questions will cover the pros and cons of automation, configurations that can be passed over from the production site and how rules are replicated. 

- "How do I manage the network for RaaS?" This group of questions will answer your questions regarding end-user connectivity upon declaration, IP addresses and DNS and network capacity needs for time of failover. 

Questions will also address protecting non-virtualized and physical machines, what happens during failover and failback and last, but not least, we'll pull a 10th live question from the attendees of the webinar. 

Register today to attend this webinar live and through your questions, help shape the scope of the material covered during this event.  Webinar will run 60-minutes long, and one lucky attendee will walk away with a $250 Visa gift card! 

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