Virtual Datacenters and Powershell Commands at Chicago vForum 2011

July 26, 2011 by Alicia Gaba

At this year’s Chicago VMware vForum event, Jake Robinson (@jakerobinson) met up with David Davis (@davidmdavis) to chat Bluelock Virtual Datacenters and Powershell commands.

Jake’s been up to some really cool stuff as it relates to Powershell automation between private and public clouds. He dives into some of the work he’s been doing with PowerCLI in conjunction with the vCloud API. And if you’re uncomfortable with command lines and scripting, Jake talks about how you can use the vCloud Connector for vCenter to view your internal datacenter and Bluelock VDCs in one pane as well as to upload and download VMs.

"Essentially, if you can say it in English, I can write it in Powershell."
– Jake

Check out Jake’s Powershell work at

Check out more from David Davis on the blog.