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VM Sprawl - The Next Challenge

December 17, 2008 by Brian Wolff
First there were mainframes, and all corporate information was kept in a central data center location. Individual managers had to request data, and accept it in whatever form the IT manager felt was appropriate.  I can not imagine what it would be like to wait for access to current information, because with the advent of the PC, business managers, like me were liberated, able to collect, reformat and share information outside the control of the Information Manager.  

The information sprawl created by the PC, will be a drop in the bucket compared to what will be possible with the capability of Cloud Computing. In a recent article on Cloud Computing Architect, Billy Marshall, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of rPath discussed this issue.  Suggesting to IT managers instead of trying to prevent the sprawl, they should proactively provide guidance to business managers, helping them make good choices on how to best leverage the benefits provided by virtualization.

However, not every company has an IT department.  In those cases business managers are left to create their own plan, and live with the results unless, which in the long run may end up costing them more in manpower resources.

They do have a choice. Help is available in the form of full-service like BlueLock.  As we work with clients to manage their Cloud, there is a natural control in place to limit sprawl.  We help business leaders, owners and managers balance costs of additional servers against needs of the business providing rapid deployment of capacity to create a foundation for growth.


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