Vote for VMworld Session 5569: Transforming Enterprise IT from a Cost Center to a Profit Center

April 30, 2013 by Diana Nolting

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Session #5569: Transforming Enterprise IT from a Cost Cetner to a Profit Center

with Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana and Bluelock


Traditionally, enterprise central IT has been considered a “cost center”. But, what if you could transform it into a consultative profit center?

Central IT is responsible for a number of tasks the rest of the business doesn’t understand or appreciate. In addition to these tasks, IT is also increasingly asked to help the business leverage technology to increase its own efficiency and capabilities.

Senior VP of Corporate Connectivity and CIO at Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Jeff Ton recognizes this. He and his team developed a theory to stratification of central IT projects to transform the role of enterprise IT.

Ton believes there are two types of projects central IT manages. The first are high-risk/low-reward tasks IT knows are important, but which business doesn’t think about. These would be graded on a scale of C-to-F. They are important, but the best “grade” the business would give is a “C”. If it’s not done properly, it’s an “F”.

There are also projects on which the business buys into, sponsors and works collaboratively with. These projects have a low risk, due to the combined buy-in nature and total understanding by the business. These would be graded on an A-to-C scale. When these projects succeed, they’re given an “A” grade. When they fail, they’re given a “C” grade. There is little-to-no risk of failure.

Ton will explain how he leverages hybrid cloud to solve this phenomenon in order to transform central IT from what was traditionally cost center into a consultative-based profit center.


What you will learn: 

- There are high risk/low reward projects that are centrally important to enterprise IT, but which the business does not typically appreciate.


- There are also low risk/high reward projects which the business works collaboratively with central IT on and therefore has a total understanding of the value of.


- Enterprise IT can leverage hybrid cloud to handle high risk/low reward tasks and focus more on the low risk/high reward projects, transforming from a cost center to a profit center.



Jeff Ton, Senior VP of Corporate Connectivity and CIO at Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana 

Ton joined Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc., in 2010 to provide vision and leadership in the continued development and implementation of the enterprise-wide information technology portfolio, including applications, infrastructure, security and telecommunications across the Goodwill business units. He also oversees the implementation of strategies for communications within Goodwill and between the organization and external stakeholders. He has owned his own management consulting firm and was the CIO for Lauth Property Group. Prior to Lauth, Ton spent 14 years in various technology roles with Thomson Multimedia (RCA).

John Qualls, Founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Bluelock 

With twenty years of experience in innovative technology solutions, John Qualls has helped hundreds of organizations solve their operational challenges by developing predictable and controlled approaches to infrastructure deployment and investment. A co-founder of Bluelock, John also served as CEO from the company’s inception until 2010. Once thought to be a futuristic service model, “Infrastructure-as-a-Service” was commercialized and brought to the market by Bluelock as a more effective, more efficient and more affordable approach to technology investment and management in 2006. Currently Senior Vice President for Business Development for Bluelock, Qualls has helped to identify innovative, unique infrastructure solutions.