Vote VMworld Session 5421: Architecting the Dynamic Datacenter

May 2, 2013 by Diana Nolting

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Session #5421: Architecting the Dynamic Datacenter

with Bluelock and TW Telecom


Many organizations using cloud complain of network problems with latency, especially when pushing high volumes of data, and even when they aren’t. As dynamic as Virtual Datacenters can be, when the network is legacy it can’t keep up due to its inelasticity, high costs and rigidity. 


But, when that rigid legacy network is replaced with a dynamic Ethernet WAN direct connection, the entire architecture becomes a revolutionary, software-defined dynamic datacenter that is totally scalable, flexible and cost effective. With total visibility not only into your local area networks and virtual datacenters, you can also have total visibility into your bandwidth usage with the dynamic network. In this session, TW Telecom Senior Manager, Partner Architecture and On-Boarding Brooke Mouland will cover how to architect both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint E-Lines to architect a dynamic network direct connection. 


The dynamic network is most efficient when paired with a software-defined datacenter. Also in this session, Bluelock Chief Technology Officer Pat O’Day will share customer stories that demonstrate the benefits of an entirely dynamic datacenter. Use cases include how the elastic network aids cloud-based recovery, flexibility and how a dynamic network can put you back in control of your budget and spending.

What you will learn: 

- A completely dynamic datacenter, with a dynamic wide-area and local networks and datacenter, enables total scalability for cloud-based recovery, total elasticity & exposes total visibility & control.


- Directly connecting your datacenter to the cloud with a dynamic network Ethernet WAN solution is scalable, pay-as-you-go and offers total visibility of bandwidth use.


- Software-defined datacenters are dynamic individually, but by adding a dynamic network direct connection, suddenly your entire architecture is dynamic, flexible and scalable, ensuring success.



Brooke Mouland, Senior Manager of Architecture and Onboarding at TW Telecom 

Sr. Mgr. of Architecture and Onboarding Brooke Mouland has been with tw telecom since 2009. Mouland, with over 15 years of Technology expertise, focused mainly on Network solutions, came to tw telecom to lead the Ethernet portfolio, modernizing it with next gen services. In his current role, Brooke leads a technical integration team working with cloud and virtualization partners operating in our open source Constellation platform. Previously Mouland worked with companies such as Level 3 and Qwest. Brooke holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Colorado and is a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF).

Pat O'Day, Chief Technology Officer at Bluelock 

As Bluelock’s Chief Technology Officer, Pat O’Day helps position the company and its strategy in the ever-evolving infrastructure-as-a-service space. He collaborates with partners, clients and engineering to maintain Bluelock’s innovative position as a customer-focused, holistic cloud provider. O’Day’s leadership experience includes roles in Enterprise IT, traditional datacenter and IT service organizations.