Vote VMworld Session 5468: Leveraging a Hybrid vCloud Solution to Achieve Global Success

May 3, 2013 by Diana Nolting

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Session #5468: Leveraging a Hybrid vCloud Solution to Achieve Global Success

with Bluelock and eMeter, a Siemens Business


Providing system-intensive training programs for a global network of utility companies required a lot of short-term resources initially, but not for the long-term. Buying hardware to handle the training wasn’t cost effective since the hardware was underutilized when the workload dropped significantly, plus it’s hard to buy hardware globally due to the differing taxes and regulations of each country. 

Bryan Bond, a senior systems administrator at eMeter, a Siemens company, was faced with this complex problem when trying to expand the company’s flagship product, EnergyIP™, which implements software solutions at utility companies around the world.

Already operating in a VMware virtualized environment internally, Bond and his team turned to VMware vCloud® Service Provider Bluelock to implement a hybrid cloud solution that would allow for the intense initial resource allocation, then be able to scale down to normal use after that period. Taking a hybrid cloud approach also significantly decreased the number of taxes and regulations that were involved with buying hardware globally. 

In this session, Bond will explain how his team went from near instant success at cloud IaaS proof-of-concept to a goal of wanting to virtualize as much of their environment as possible and leveraging the hybrid cloud to get there. 

Approximately 95 percent of the eMeter ecosystem now runs on VMware. “The ability to use the same technology across multiple environments is a big deal,” says Bond. “I’m able to see everything in a single control panel, moving virtual machines with literally the click of a button.”

What you will learn: 

- Intense introductory training programs were costly to provision on traditional hardware, but the flexible, dynamic nature of cloud allowed for resource adjustment after the initial provisioning.


- A hybrid cloud approach to a global solution significantly cut down on the number of tax laws and regulations typically associated with buying hardware in other countries.


- Using a VMware vCloud-based hybrid solution allows for easy management across multiple environments through a single control panel.


Bryan Bond, Senior Systems Administrator at eMeter, a Siemens business 

Bryan Bond is a seasoned IT professional with over 20 years’ experience, including management of systems, networks, storage and VMware deployment. A frequent speaker at vendor events, Bryan shares his expertise as an early technology adopter on the topics of deduplication, virtualization and blade consolidation. Prior to joining , eMeter, Bryan worked for Logitech, Genitope, Lockheed Martin, Omnicell Technologies and Tellme Networks.

Pat O'Day, Chief Technology Officer at Bluelock 

As Bluelock’s Chief Technology Officer, Pat O’Day helps position the company and its strategy in the ever-evolving infrastructure-as-a-service space. He collaborates with partners, clients and engineering to maintain Bluelock’s innovative position as a customer-focused, holistic cloud provider. O’Day’s leadership experience includes roles in Enterprise IT, traditional datacenter and IT service organizations.