Whiteboard Wednesday – Load Balancing with Cloud Computing

March 11, 2010 by Matt Hunckler

Last week, Jake Robinson and I talked about how companies can scale their resources, like RAM and CPU, with virtualization and cloud computing. If you saw last week’s video, you remember that this type of scaling is called vertical scaling.

This week, we’re at it again — talking about the ability to scale a cloud computing environment. But this time, were talking about horizontal scaling and load balancing with virtualization.

Horizontal scaling can mean great things for your business, like cost savings and risk mitigation. I don’t want to give too much away, so here’s it is. Watch this:


  • Marco

    does this has anything to do with cloud computing ?

    this is just a normal load balanced enviroment right… come on guys.
    just because we added cloud into it, it’s new right ?

  • Jake

    Hi Marco,

    Great questions and challenges! Horizontal scaling is a very important part of cloud computing, and load balancing enables that. A lot of people get trapped thinking that they have to scale vertically by adding more power on their servers, when the truth is they can gain so much more by scaling horizontally. The rapid deployment enabled by virtualization allows us expand and contract on demand. The elasticity provided through virtualization and load balancing is the essence of Cloud Computing.



  • Rick Parker

    Maybe consider introducing Netscaler virtulized load balancers or vlan tagging netscaler interfaces to support multiple vswitches