Why choose Bluelock to redeem your Cloud Credits

March 8, 2013 by Diana Nolting

VMware Cloud CreditsIf you’re an organization or business unit looking for another reason to move to cloud, the new VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program could be your answer.

VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program is an easy way for your company to take on vCloud. Leverage this easy on-ramp to vCloud and watch your workloads and applications thrive.

VMware Cloud Credits work much like a gift card. First, you’ll work with a trusted VMware Solution Provider to identify which workloads might be a good fit for vCloud. Think of this as your personal shopper before you go spend the gift card.

Through VMware’s Cloud Credits program, you will purchase your credits, which you can then choose which vCloud provider to redeem those credits through. You will work with your chosen VMware vCloud service provider to identify your SLA and all purchases will be made through the “My VMware Portal.”

This program will allow your team to get a hands-on, first-touch approach to the benefits of VMware vCloud. You will learn about the ease of use and risk mitigation that everyone touts as cloud’s strength.

By purchasing Cloud Credits you will have access to a number of providers and will likely be weighing your options. Your business units should focus on SLA promises, visibility of usage and cost information and strength of support.

Bluelock’s unique customer-focused approach to cloud ensures success of every customer. Customers of VMware Cloud Credits Purchasing Program that choose Bluelock receive complimentary cloud training and onboarding provided by experienced VMware vCloud experts. We are committed to your vCloud success.

Bluelock is also the only Cloud Credits provider to offer total visibility into cloud resource usage from the top, all the way down to the VM-level with Bluelock Portfolio™. This proprietary software allows users access to a self-service portal to adjust resources in order to leverage every penny.

When you choose Bluelock as your VMware Cloud Credits provider, you’ll receive access to highly flexible VDCs with pay-as-you-go pricing with no commitment.

Bluelock offers highly auditable security standards too, as a SSAE 16 Type II SOC1 compliant datacenter, built on the secure VMware stack with vShield™, layer 2 isolation, role-based access control and LDAP integration.

Bluelock wants your journey to vCloud to be successful. By choosing Bluelock as your Cloud Credits provider, you’re ensuring our commitment to your success, no matter what your workload may be.

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