ZDNet Author Examines Myths of Cloud Computing

February 3, 2009 by Brian Wolff

In a recent post on ZDNet the author examines what he considers the myths of Cloud Computing.

Among his comments is a reference to the ease of transition.  He says:

Myth 4: Flick a switch and your IT shifts to the cloud. The reason why cloud services are comparatively cheap is they are not customized for individual clients, which allows providers to take advantage of economies of scale to reduce costs. While this situation may change as the market becomes more sophisticated, organizations will experience problems finding bespoke or vertical market-specific services at the moment.

I agree with his initial statement in Myth 4 – You can’t just “Flick a Switch” to shift to the cloud – it takes expertise and planning.  However, the cost savings do not come exclusively from the self service aspect.    Even a full service cloud, such as the one we provide at BlueLock offers significant savings as companies reduce or eliminate the physical footprint of their internal infrastructure and as they reduce staffing expenses. 

Furthermore, our clients have told us repeatedly that flexibility and “doing it their way” was the reason they chose the BlueLock Cloud – they lowered their costs and gained an environment that is customized to their needs.

Companies can make the transition to cloud computing with the help of professionals who will evaluate their current systems (from disaster recovery to core process and business functions) and use this information to develop a custom cloud solution for their particular business needs.