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Because security is at the top of every list when evaluating cloud computing, Bluelock has worked to incorporate security into every aspect of our cloud hosting services as evidenced by our SAS-70 Type II certified data center. Countless stringent security policies and procedures and a set of managed security services are either offered as part of our standard hosted virtual server or as an add-on service. You can be confident that critical data stored in the Bluelock Cloud is safe and secure – the included network security capabilities help prevent malicious attacks on critical systems and ensure only authorized users can access systems hosted in the Bluelock Cloud.

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The first step in providing a secure computing environment is physical security. Purpose-built from the ground up as physically hardened data centers, our facilities provide mission critical environments to house your most critical IT assets. Each facility has a large network backbone, fully redundant power and cooling and a high density / blade server friendly design. Each facility is located away from major environmental risks like hurricanes or earthquakes and leverages some of the lowest power utility costs in the country to provide a very safe and economical solution.

On a physical level, access to the Bluelock facility is limited to authorized personnel only using on-premise security systems and access controls using biometric, card key and coded entry. A log of access to the building and data center is continuously maintained and is reviewed by Bluelock operations personnel. Video surveillance is maintained 24x7x365 at the Bluelock facility and each camera is connected to one of several digital video recorders capable of storing thousands of hours of footage.