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Truly understand the cost of IT.

The first cloud-aware decision support tool.

Key Benefits:

  • Truly understand the cost of your infrastructure
  • View data on actual resource usage and planned usage from the organization level down to a single VM
  • Access insight to better manage your resources and maximize dollars spent
  • Forecast future spending with planned and estimated spends
  • Access and share reports with usage data that shows where each penny went


Truly understand the cost of IT.
With Bluelock Portfolio™, we help customers make better decisions by providing access to usage data along with quick access to VMware vCloud® Director to make resource adjustments at a moment’s notice. Optimize your cloud infrastructure with full access to detailed usage data, resources available, cloud costs to-date and more. You’ll have everything you need to get the most out of your cloud investment, plus, the benefit of being able to explain down to the tiniest detail where and how your cloud budget is being spent.

We don’t like keeping secrets.
While other cloud providers might leave you in the dark regarding how your money is being spent, Bluelock offers full access to detailed cost and resource information and gives you self-service ability to reallocate your assets at any time. When you log in to Portfolio, you can move from high-level, full budget spend analysis down to individual server and application analysis. You can then quickly jump from one view in Bluelock Portfolio to the same view in Bluelock’s self-service portal powered by VMware vCloud® Director to adjust resources.

Maximize your cloud strategy.
We’re here to make your business as efficient as possible and that means making sure you’re getting the most for your money. We want you to use everything you’re paying for by allocating your assets in a way that creates the most efficiency and value for your company. When you look at your Portfolio analysis, spot the outliers by seeing which components are consuming the largest amount of your budget or bill. By identifying outliers, you can identify which applications are growing and emerging and which are shrinking.