Bluelock Virtual Datacenters Instrumental in Patronpath’s PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud

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Bluelock Virtual Datacenters Instrumental in Patronpath’s PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud

Founded in 2005, Patronpath provides relationship-building tools and processes that help restaurants cultivate profitable relationships with customers. The Patronpath integrated suite of web-enabled solutions allows restaurants to know and serve their customers better than ever, resulting in increased customer loyalty, more efficient sales and more profitable transactions. Patronpath customers include large national chains with over 285 locations, large regional chains with over 80 locations, smaller regional chains and independents.

As Patronpath’s demand in the marketplace grew, the company began exploring options when it came to upgrading its computing infrastructure to keep up with demands. The organization realized the need for more IT personnel and infrastructure support, but could not justify the cost and resources to build and staff a datacenter from scratch. Patronpath began looking into cloud computing because it offered them the pay-as-you-grow pricing and scalability needed with unpredictable client workloads of online ordering for restaurants, which has the majority of server usage at lunch and dinner times.

The biggest challenge and concern of moving to a cloud service was regulatory compliance and security. As the company handles online credit card transactions for its clients, Patronpath had specific requirements such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Patronpath needed the cloud providers being evaluated to demonstrate that they were in compliance with applicable regulations and could provide high levels of security before they would entrust their critical systems to the cloud.

Bridging the Gap

With an existing relationship with Mark Hill, chairman of Bluelock’s Board and managing partner of Collina Ventures, Patronpath looked at Bluelock, a certified VMware vCloud® Datacenter service provider and ultimately chose it’s cloud solutions due to the organization’s market performance and leadership, environment scalability and service mentality.

“Given our highly-regulated industry and PCI compliance requirements, Bluelock was instrumental in helping us meet and exceed the necessary standards,” said David Sangster, IT manager, Patronpath. “Bluelock’s already engrained secure and compliant environment and procedures made everything a seamless process and eliminated a lot of the money and time that is usually associated it.”

“When you’re going through the PCI audit, you need answers immediately as people are on premise, reports need to be run that day, etc.,” said Mark Gallo, president, Patronpath. “We appreciated the fact that the Bluelock team was so responsive and understanding of what we were going through. They seemed to take pride in us and them becoming PCI compliant because we felt like they were a true extension of the team.”

Bluelock Virtual Datacenters take minutes to set up, either through the vCloud Director- based self-service interface or with Bluelock’s managed services team. Users can build new virtual machines (VMs) quickly from public and private catalogs of VM templates, or simply upload VMs they already have running in an environment. With Bluelock Virtual Datacenters, users can easily subtract and add capacity as you go, paying for only what is used. With the ability to upload and download any VMware- compatible workloads, users can easily migrate VMDK files to and from their Bluelock Virtual Datacenter. The solution is built on open standards with Open Virtualization Format (OVF) packaging for the transport of workloads and interoperability, with additional support for the VMware vCloud API.

Business Value

Patronpath moved its Online Ordering platform into a Bluelock Virtual Datacenter, running on two virtual machines, which quickly scaled to seven machines because of growing client demand. The company not only experienced the performance they sought, but also experienced additional benefits such as the ease and speed of deployment. “Their responsive and collaborative approach from a dedicated team across the board—from sales to tech support—couldn’t have made it any easier,” said Sangster.

Patronpath has also benefited from Bluelock’s innovative architecture and regulatory compliance and security provided at the environment and user level. VMware vCloud Datacenter services deliver consistent and auditable security and performance through SAS 70 Type II and SSAE Type II certifications as well as technical capabilities including network isolation, role-based access control and directory services integration.

“With Bluelock having undergone a number of audits and compliance certification processes on behalf of its clients, it not only made the PCI compliance process extremely smooth, but it gives us piece of mind to have a provider working diligently to help maintain compliance,” said Gallo.

“Bluelock’s biggest strength is their infrastructure expertise and client service—it has been invaluable,” said Sangster. “They understand the challenges of a company in a highly-regulated industry and offer the platform and support flexibility to address those needs.”

Future Plans

Patronpath plans to continue to grow its existing environment, especially as online ordering continues to increase. The company also plans to switch from 32-bit to 64-bit processors to make its software more enterprise-grade. “What’s exciting is that, when we do need to switch our environment, we can call Bluelock and they can make it happen with little or no downtime,” said Sangster. “It’s a personal relationship we have, they know my name, and that’s extremely comforting as we continue to grow together.”

About Bluelock

Bluelock provides enterprises flexible IT infrastructure solutions with its Bluelock Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud. Bluelock’s unique customer approach leads to innovative solutions that offer unprecedented visibility and control, enabling customers to more tightly manage resources and costs. Bluelock Virtual Datacenters, a VMware vCloud Datacenter service, provide enterprise service levels, high uptime, and guaranteed platform compatibility. Bluelock’s customer proven cloud services are hosted in SSAE Type II and SAS 70 Type II audited datacenters with strong security controls.

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