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Bluelock has been acquired by InterVision to enable organizations to thrive with next-generation IT

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Bluelock provides expert guidance, tailored solutions and proactive people–focused support so you can concentrate on propelling your business forward.


Professionally designed, strategically implemented IT availability solutions that perform as planned when rigorously tested and called into action.


Our adaptable approach allows your availability solutions to be perfectly matched to your unique business and technology requirements.


Dedicated, proactive support from a talented team who understands your IT continuity objectives and anticipates technology challenges.

Assurance for the Smart Business

Bluelock’s Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) is changing the way businesses protect their data and stay open for business. With a long history in Cloud Hosting, Bluelock is prepared to help you handle your cloud recovery and data availability plan — no matter how complicated your tech stack.

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Our clients hold us to the highest standards of information security, data privacy and business continuity. With Bluelock, there's a real partnership that enables our success achieving that continuity, privacy and security. There's listening that happens on both sides. With Bluelock’s services we don’t have to add a lot of operational effort to enable the recovery solution. Bryan Cave Logo Connie Hoffman Chief Information Officer, Bryan Cave LLP
Finding a provider who could meet us where we were with our existing technology was a challenge. Bluelock was the only provider who not only would help us protect our VMware environment, but also our physical systems. They weren’t afraid to take on both and make our overall management easier. Bluelock was able to give our team confidence through a robust DR environment that protects our entire infrastructure, regardless of the underlying technology. Parker_Smith_Feek_logo James Leigh Vice President, IT Manager, Parker, Smith & Feek
We were looking for a partner in our DR strategy and have found that with Bluelock. Their ability to handle complex environments and multiple tiers of recovery exceeded our expectations and, their Recovery Assurance program has given us confidence that we will be able to recover when needed. Walker David Walker Vice President, Information Technology, Walker Information

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We aren’t just a technology provider — we are a team of experts dedicated to ensuring your company consistently delivers a secure, seamless, digital experience. Even for the most complex IT environment. We listen and co-own your needs, to deliver a promise of world-class disaster recovery and cloud hosting.

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White Paper

2017 Forrester Wave: Disaster-Recovery-As-A-Service Providers

Bluelock is honored to be named a "Leader" in the 2017 Forrester Wave for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. The Forrester Wave is a trusted, unbiased analyst resource for organizations looking to invest in Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service. Access a complementary copy, courtesy of Bluelock.

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White Paper

A Two-Pronged Approach to Locking Down IT Security

Preventative measures are key to securing your organization’s IT systems, but may be inadequate. With risks multiplying, the time is ripe for organizations to pay more heed to restorative and results-oriented security solutions. This white paper explores how choosing Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) could be a win-win strategy.

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