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    • 09/18/17

    How to Improve Law Firm Cybersecurity

    Cybercriminals target industries that rely on accessible or confidential data. Because of this, law firms must recognize the need to take action for data protection, as clients’ sensitive information and case files—as well as a firm’s reputation—depend on it. Read this Capterra article, written by Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.

    • Press Release
    • 09/12/17

    Bluelock Taps Jennifer Wiseman as CFO

    Bluelock, provider of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for complex environments and sensitive data, today announces former Genesys VP of Finance Jennifer Wiseman has joined Bluelock as Chief Financial Officer. Wiseman will be the first to take on the role of CFO at the company since 2011.

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    • 09/01/17

    There is no such thing as a DR test failure

    In the first installment of a new "DR Debate" blog on CSO Online, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development, Jeff Ton, offers key takeaways of his first experience doing a DR test in the 1990's. Read here to find out why he claims there's no such thing as failure.

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    • 08/28/17

    Faces of Indy tech: Breaking down IT workers in Indiana

    Looking at eight local tech leaders, the Indianapolis Business Journal has included a profile of Levy Stout, cloud availability engineering manager at Bluelock. Read the full article here.

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    • 08/18/17

    IBJ Tech: Indianapolis-based Bluelock wants to help law firms avoid ransomware and other cyber threats

    In their tech newsletter this week, the Indiana Business Journal's (IBJ) mentioned Bluelock's new "Cyber Threat Health Review" analysis offering for law firms. Read the full newsletter for more.

    • Press Release
    • 08/14/17

    Bluelock Announces ‘Cyber Threat Health Review’ Exclusively for Law Firms

    Bluelock, provider of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for complex IT environments and sensitive data, now offers a Cyber Threat Health Review, a professional service engagement for law firms seeking to mitigate risk from ransomware and other cyber threats.

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    • 08/10/17

    Planning, due diligence lead to solid cloud choices

    CIO.com asked a dozen cloud practitioners and experts what advice they have for peers navigating the multi-cloud world. Among the responses is Bluelock's Product Analyst, Diana Nolting, who gives her thoughts on how take a strategic approach to cloud implementation.

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    • 08/10/17

    Tackling Risk: Is Your Organization Prepared?

    It seems like every day a new cyberattack wreaks havoc on a different industry. Whatever the scenario, businesses of all sizes and across all industries are at risk. How do you know if you have the right strategies in place to protect your data, the data of your customers and the data of your supply chain? How do you know how much time and resources you should spend on protecting data? Like any journey, it begins by knowing where you are, where you want to be and mapping out a route that takes you there. Read this Forbes article from Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.

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    • 08/08/17

    DRaaS providers make streamlined testing a reality

    Cloud-based disaster recovery has made DR available to the masses, whereas such capabilities were previously only manageable by large companies. Even so, for organizations to simply subscribe to DRaaS providers alone is not enough. The only way to know for sure that your disaster recovery resources are going to work correctly when you need them is to perform regular testing. Read this TechTarget article about DR testing, which includes mention of Bluelock.

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    • 08/01/17

    7 Tips to Make a Cyber Attack Comeback

    A law firm’s cybersecurity strategy depends upon fully monitoring and responding to a diverse threat landscape — but this is no easy feat. While day-to-day maintenance tasks and insider risk protocols are important for long-term protection from different types of cybersecurity threats, it’s important to acknowledge that no solution is 100% effective. Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development, offers advice to make a cyber attack comeback in this Legaltech News article.