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    • 05/22/17

    IT Disaster Recovery is More Than Just Technology

    Hear from Bluelock EVP of Product and Service Development, Jeff Ton, as he discusses the multiple factors that need to fit together for an IT disaster recovery plan to be successful. See how IT-DR is more than just technology. Technology has now evolved to become a driver for revenue and competitiveness, a new focus that demands IT systems remain available for use, regardless of the scenario.

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    • 05/17/17

    Outsourcing security: Would you turn over the keys to a third party?

    Managed security services providers are gaining a foothold in the market. Hear from Bluelock's Director of Engineering, Derek Brost, as he gives both the pros and cons of both ways of attacking security.

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    • 05/16/17

    Solving The Legal Industry’s Data Protection Breakdown

    Hear from Bluelock's EVP of Product and Service Development, Jeff Ton, as he discusses how the legal industry is handling and protecting sensitive data - both in the courtroom and through their IT infrastructure and applications.

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    • 05/10/17

    Top DRaaS companies to watch

    Forrester Research recently released its report naming Bluelock a leader among the top Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service companies. With enterprises expecting their network up at all times, backup and recovery are key to keeping things running smoothly with no downtime. For a quick look into the Forrester report, CIO.com has created the article, "Top DRaaS companies to watch," featuring thoughts on Bluelock.

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    • 05/05/17

    Third parties leave your network open to attacks

    The use of third-party providers is widespread, as are breaches associated with them. It is often necessary to allow third-party vendors to access your network, but the focus continues to be on how to allow this access without creating a security hole. In this CIO.com article, Bluelock's Director of Engineering, Derek Brost, offers advice to secure your environments from vulnerability.

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    • 05/05/17

    Building a Bridge for the Future’s Tech Jobs

    Bluelock's Product Analyst, Diana Nolting, was mentioned in a recent #IBJTech newsletter, covering her recent Medium article, "Building a Bridge for the Future’s Tech Jobs," which calls for educators, the tech community and the general public to empower kids interested in STEM. In turn, this will boost technology talent for the future.

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    • 05/04/17

    Data Protection & Disaster Recovery Tips for Law Firms

    While the legal industry is beginning to accept the move toward a technology-based workflow, the burden of network security and disaster preparedness falls heavily on in-house IT departments who have not historically executed such initiatives. As the issue of IT threats loom over the unprotected, there are several steps the legal industry can take to ensure critical case data remains intact and accessible. Read this ITSP Magazine article from Derek Brost, Director of Engineering at Bluelock.

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    • 05/03/17

    Going To The Cloud Without A Strategy Is Like Driving Blindfolded

    Just as an IT strategy needs to be part of a broader business strategy, a cloud strategy is a part of an overall IT strategy. It should answer the question of “why” and “when” in business terms, not in technology terms. Read this Forbes article from Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development, Jeff Ton, to learn about the benefits of a cloud strategy.

    • Press Release
    • 05/02/17

    IDG Research Finds Disconnect Between Threat Perception and Preparedness

    Bluelock has released its findings from a recent survey, which explores the importance of implementing both preventative and reactive measures when securing organizations’ IT systems. According to the study conducted by CSO through IDG Research, executive leadership and IT professionals’ biggest concerns around data breaches are loss of customer confidence (64 percent) and loss of sensitive data (49 percent).

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    • 04/21/17

    Breaking Down Latest Forrester Wave for DRaaS Providers

    Forrester’s researchers recently released their latest Wave report for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) providers. Using their 26-criteria evaluation, the analyst house highlighted 10 providers it considers most significant in the market, then plotted them on a graph and scored them for potential buyers. The report included Bluelock as a leader -- read about it in this Solutions Review article.