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    • 09/22/16

    Will Your Business’s DR Plan Work? How Three Companies Showed Proof of Disaster Recovery Protection

    CTO for Bluelock, Pat O'Day, recently published an article in VMblog about how to prove your IT disaster recovery plan to constituents. Offering three stories from Bluelock's own client pool as examples, he lays out how companies can exceed stakeholder expectations while also protecting their business for the future.

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    • 09/16/16

    Three DRaaS Customers of Bluelock

    Storage Newsletter published a recent article about Bluelock's momentum in the Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service industry, mentioning our suite of DRaaS solutions and the addition of three new clients.

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    • 09/09/16

    Making the Business Case for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

    A recent article in DZone/Cloud Zone mentioned Bluelock's 2016 Perspectives on IT Disaster Recovery survey. The author uses the survey results to affirm the importance of having an IT disaster recovery plan for continued business operations and the protection of critical company data.

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    • 09/08/16

    Why Disaster Recovery Is Critical For Your Business

    In order to tackle the challenges of the modern world, companies must have IT disaster recovery plans in place. In a recent article, Star2Star Communications mentioned Bluelock's 2016 Perspectives on IT Disaster Recovery survey as evidence of this need.

    • Press Release
    • 09/06/16

    Bluelock Receives Continuous Market Recognition and Acclaim

    Bluelock, provider of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for complex environments and sensitive data, announces continued momentum after declaring its strategic business focus on Continuity earlier this year.

    • Press Release
    • 09/02/16

    Forbes Technology Council Welcomes Jeff Ton

    Jeff Ton, executive vice president of product and service development at Bluelock, provider of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for complex environments and sensitive data, recently joined the Forbes Technology Council.

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    • 08/29/16

    IBJ & TechPoint honor top CTOs

    Congratulations to all nominee's for IBJ and Techpoint 2016 CTO of the Year, including our own CTO, Pat O'Day.

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    • 08/26/16

    How IT and the C-Suite Clash on Disaster Recovery

    While the vast majority of organizations have a disaster recovery plan, top business executives and IT and disaster recovery managers differ greatly about the prioritization of these plans, according to a recent survey from Bluelock.

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    • 08/12/16

    62 Percent of Employees Have Access to Data They Shouldn’t Be Able to See

    And, 76 percent of organizations have experienced the loss or theft of data in the past two years, a recent survey found.

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    • 08/10/16

    The C-level thinks disaster recovery is solid: IT says …

    Disconnect with higher-ups is never a good thing. And according to a recent study, the miscommunication between IT and company leaders is stark and dangerous.