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    • 11/02/18

    What Does Successful Vendor Management Look Like For IT Leaders?

    The flexibility that exists in the marketplace between types of vendors makes them valuable to organizations that need assistance in accomplishing their business goals. Vendors, for this reason, remain an important aspect of the modern business ecosystem; they allow organizations to include everything without needing to own everything. Read the latest Forbes article from Jeff Ton, InterVision's SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances.

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    • 10/26/18

    5 Bad IT-DR Practices and Why to Avoid Them

    It can be tough to dedicate a large portion of budget and resources to building an IT disaster recovery (IT-DR) plan, but these practices could easily lead to catastrophe. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes and they definitely don’t discriminate. In this Legaltech News article, InterVision's SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances, Jeff Ton, explores five of the biggest IT-DR failures and what to do to avoid them.

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    • 09/17/18

    3 Key Areas That Should Be in Your IT Disaster Recovery Runbook

    With a growing number of adverse events, from power outages to cybersecurity breaches to terrorist attacks, it seems that anything could halt a law firm’s operations. For this reason, it can be difficult to design a good IT disaster recovery (IT-DR) strategy that addresses all likely and unlikely scenarios. A key part of a robust IT-DR plan is preparing a comprehensive runbook and testing its effectiveness. In this recent Legal Management article, InterVision's SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances, Jeff Ton, explains what must be included in an IT-DR runbook to fully protect your firm.

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    • 09/11/18

    Selecting DRaaS: Taylor Porter’s Journey to a Stronger IT Stance

    Many law firms are rethinking their IT strategies to increase efficiency while also protecting sensitive data. In the Summer issue of ILTA's Peer-to-Peer Magazine, SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances at InterVision, Jeff Ton, interviews Damian Burdette, the Director of Information Technology at Taylor Porter, about the challenges facing his firm and what made DRaaS from Bluelock Solutions the right fit for their needs.

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    • 08/29/18

    3 characters from Jurassic Park that could’ve benefited from an IT disaster recovery plan

    Jurassic Park and IT disaster recovery — how do they connect? In fact, we can learn some pretty valuable IT-DR lessons from the characters of the movie franchise. Check out this CSO Online article from Jeff Ton, InterVision's SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances.

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    • 07/17/18
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    • 06/13/18

    Leveraging digital transformation

    Data protection plays a key part in digital transformation adoptions, changes to existing practices and reforming company culture. Digital transformation expert Vic Tingler discusses how businesses can digitally transform to increase productivity and innovation for a stronger future in this CSO Online interview with Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.

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    • 06/12/18

    3 Tips for Understanding Your Risk Profile in the Age of the Cloud

    The growth of cloud computing has upped the expectations for how available law firms should be to client needs, but firms looking to make the move to cloud should not do so without a sound strategy to get there. Read this Legal Management article from Jeff Ton, EVP of Product & Service Development from Bluelock, to jumpstart your cloud strategy.

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    • 05/29/18

    Digital Transformation with InterVision – Future Tech Podcast

    Intervision, Bluelock's parent company, brings 25 years of experience to its clients. In this new Future Tech podcast, InterVision's VP of Digital Transformation, Victor Tingler, discusses how he sees clients approaching problems and new trends. He also shares how the digital transformation process is handled by various industries, and outlines the behaviors that make clients thrive.

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    • 05/24/18

    Arkansas’s largest law firm, Friday, Eldredge & Clark LLP, embraces Bluelock Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service as a differentiator for its client-first firm

    Friday, Eldredge and Clark, LLP, chose Bluelock as its trusted partner in strengthening IT resiliency with multi-tiered Managed DRaaS for on-premises servers