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    • 05/15/18

    Are C-Level Leaders Taking The Right Approach To IT Transformation?

    As technology increases in pervasiveness, many in business are looking to transform their information technology (IT) departments for competitiveness. Now, customers demand constant access to services, but this always-on business model and the quick evolution of technology capabilities can be tricky to keep pace with. If you are looking to transform your business, read this Forbes article to keep in mind key areas to a successful digital transformation from Jeff Ton, EVP of Product & Service Development at Bluelock.

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    • 05/11/18

    Bluelock Achieves 90+ Industry-Leading Net Promoter Score

    Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider achieves near-perfect NPS rating for DRaaS

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    • 05/01/18

    Key Tech Terms to Know: Archives, Backups, Disaster Recovery and “as-a-Service”

    Law firms today are inundated with new data protection and recovery methodologies from vendors. It’s a hot market because technologists in law firms are under intense pressure to protect sensitive client data and clients are now holding their firms to higher standards than ever. However, IT leaders are struggling to make sense of what they need to have, both to meet client demands and stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape. For this reason, Jeff Ton, EVP of Product & Service Development at Bluelock, has published an article in Cybersecurity Law & Strategy of key data protection terms every legal IT professional should know.

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    • 04/16/18

    Want IT resiliency? Stop the see-saw of imbalanced attention

    As cyber threats continue to grow among companies with sensitive data, IT must take a holistic approach to managing and mitigating these threats. Here’s how to bridge preventative and restorative measures for IT resiliency. Read this newest CSO Online article from Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.

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    • 04/11/18

    The CP List: 20 Top Backup/Disaster Recovery Providers You Should Know

    Bluelock has been listed as a "Top 20 Backup/Disaster Recovery Provider" by Channel Partners! The article also mentions InterVision's recent acquisition of Bluelock, and includes quotes from Bob Hollander, InterVision’s senior vice president of marketing and business development. Read the full article here.

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    • 03/28/18

    It’s All Greek To Me – How Executives Can Learn The Language Of Technology

    The cornerstone upon which modern business is built, technology has redrawn the lines of what businesses can do, what is expected and what job roles typically entail. Still, executive leadership often fails to see the way business demands connect directly to their organization’s information technology (IT) stance. Customers demand the ability to purchase products and services at any time, so failure to understand and embrace technology as part of leadership responsibility is a failure to ensure profitability. Read this newest Forbes article from Jeff Ton, EVP of Product & Service Development at Bluelock.

    • Press Release
    • 03/15/18

    InterVision Acquires Bluelock to Expand its DRaaS and IaaS Offerings

    InterVision Expands its DRaaS and IaaS Offerings with the Acquisition of Industry Leader Bluelock - InterVision is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bluelock, a recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

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    • 03/05/18

    IT resiliency and the problem with SaaS: What is your risk profile?

    The ease of use SaaS applications provide organizations may overshadow some of the risks, such as downtime and security. As is the case for any third-party solution, it’s key to understand the risk profile both on your side and the provider’s end. What does daily use look like, and how do you know what to look for? Read this latest CSO Online article from Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.

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    • 02/12/18

    3 New Responsibilities Legal IT Departments Face Because of Cyber Threats

    The legal industry has sensitive data in constant use, both for case proceedings and daily practice management, and for this reason their IT departments are often at the center of technology evolution. While this can be a good thing, it also means that law firms are particularly susceptible to cybersecurity incidents. Read this Legaltech News article from Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development, for three new responsibilities that have arisen within IT teams, and what they mean to the future of legal practice.

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    • 01/30/18

    Three Business Transformations Star Trek Predicted For 2018

    It can be interesting to think of how the fictional universe of Star Trek has impacted our own. In 2018, we'll see more adoption of some inventions that, arguably, first appeared in Star Trek. Read the latest Forbes article from Jeff Ton, Bluelock's EVP of Product & Service Development.