The goal of IT availability is to deliver an uninterrupted digital experience so you can meet the demands of an always-on world. Now more than ever, companies are expected to better serve customers and drive revenue through superior service. A critical element to supporting IT availability is an effective IT disaster recovery (DR or IT-DR) strategy, but how do you select the best solutions to meet your company’s objectives?

Matching the Threat Landscape with Resiliency

IT Availability eBookEvery business is different and not every company has the resources or requirements to provision
best-of-breed technologies for the methodical management of IT availability and DR. However, this isn’t to say that if you lack a robust budget or a fully-staffed IT team there’s not a solution out there to match your resiliency and availability needs.

For this reason, Bluelock has created an eBook to help you understand what your options are, so that you can select the appropriate availability approach for your business. Since every IT strategy and company’s goals are different, the IT Availability Landscape provides insight into the potential options for your IT-DR evolution.

Our eBook, “4 Drivers to Transform IT Availability,” aids readers in the following:

  • Assess the range of IT availability options and providers
  • Understand motivations for changing existing IT-DR approaches

Four Motivations for Evolution

With over a decade of experience helping companies evolve their IT strategies to match their business demands, Bluelock has seen four common motivators for change. We’ve noticed that with any changes to technology environments, IT departments are attempting to add value and/or decrease risk.

Depending on which solution you choose for resiliency and systems availability, the value-add and risk levels may fluctuate in their effectiveness. As with any process changes, IT departments are simultaneously seeking to reduce the day-to-day burden on their personnel and increase the skill-sets of their existing staff.

Evolve Smartly

As new technology innovations pop up, it’s important to update your IT strategy to meet the demands of the marketplace. However, this isn’t something you want to do blindly, since investing in the wrong solution is not only a waste of funds, but could be detrimental to your business during an event.

It’s important to fully assess your options and the impact each solution would have on your business operations. If you’re looking to evolve your IT strategy, read our eBook to examine the options that exist and determine which could be advantageous for your company. Then, open a dialogue with your IT team and other business units to identify the true requirements of your availability goals to match the right solution for now and in the future.

Read “4 Drivers to Transform IT Availability” here.

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