Given the ever-increasing prevalence and impact of cybersecurity incidents, companies must now recognize that protecting their business assets against exposure and downtime also means guarding their bottom line. But how do you know if you’re prepared? How do you stay ahead of the curve?

Bluelock has compiled a quick guide with nine steps to assess your organization’s IT stance. We explain what successful risk mitigation looks like and offer expert recommendations for preparedness. In the guide, you’ll learn how to fully understand what risks your business faces; how to secure what’s most important while stretching a budget and internal resources; and how and when to solicit advice from experts for continual improvement.

The security of your IT systems depends upon readiness and taking a unique approach for full mitigation. Bluelock’s guide, “9 Steps to Mitigate Risk from Cyber Threats,” is designed to help you and your organization’s leadership improve your current IT stance for the future.

In this guide, we give readers an in-depth look at what we call the “2-Pronged Approach,” which means focusing an equal balance to preventative and restorative measures to achieve full threat mitigation.

  • Preventative: Stops a technology disruption or attack from happening
  • Restorative: Recovers from any technology disruption or attack that does occur

Most IT teams tend to focus the majority of their attention on the preventative aspects and leave their business susceptible to disruption and data loss without a robust restorative plan. Read more about this evidence in our eBook of 2017 survey results, “State of IT Security, 2017: Prevention and Recovery Practices.”

To learn more about Bluelock’s unique solutions and services that fortify restorative strategies and empower the future of business, contact us.

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