The Cloud News Report is a weekly list of our top three favorite cloud computing articles from the past week.

As cloud computing evolves, it’s important to look at all sides of the equation, past, future, and present use of cloud services. Industry experts are looking forward predicting the future of cloud computing, and they’re also looking back measuring how predictions and trends compare to results.

Read the latest insights in our cloud news report:

Global Cloud Market will be worth $121bn by Next Year, Report Finds

According to this Cloud Tech article by Ted Navarro, “Market research firm Markets and Markets reveals that the cloud market is expected to grow to $121 billion by 2015.” He goes on to state that number as representing a 26% compound annual growth rate from the $37 billion value in 2010. One factor he attributes to growth of cloud is the rapid adoption of Software-as-a-service platforms.

Find out what other elements of cloud are driving growth >>

2014 Cloud Computing Trends Show Positive Signs

How are cloud computing trends playing out so far? In this Midsize Insider piece, author Robert Lawson states that computing has been referred to the “consumerization of IT” and 2014 is bringing forth the “capitalization of IT.” He continues to say that businesses are changing how they view the cloud and see the benefits of migrating to the cloud after thoughtful testing and research.

Take a look at the growing cloud market and how trends are measuring up >>

Help! Most Enterprises Turn to Consultants When Using the Cloud

According to Brandon Butler’s Network World article, a report from Technology Business Research identifies customers using cloud as increasingly looking to consultants to execute or plan out projects. He goes on to state, “The cloud professional services industry has increased from a $5 billion market in 2010 to a $17 billion in 2013.” Researchers estimate it growing to a $30 billion industry in 2018.

Dive deeper into the report and see how companies are using cloud services >>

As we’re three months into 2014, what cloud computing trends are flourishing or have already flopped?

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Bluelock + Veeam Backup and Recovery

Sensitive data and applications need to be protected, but they also need to be secure and easily restored when disaster happens.

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