In a recent Forbes video, Bluelock’s EVP of Product & Service Development, Jeff Ton, explains how security is a worry for nearly every IT leader. He says that it’s no longer “if,” but “when” and “when again” your company will be attacked. Worse, sometimes these intrusions can go unnoticed for months.

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Ton notes the impact of modern security incidents, saying, “The average data breach now costs $4 million…a big hit to the bottom line no matter what size company you are.” With new devices becoming more prevalent in the workplace, the need for data protection becomes even more urgent. He explains that employees must understand the differences between secure and non-secure internet connections when using devices remotely, and gives an easy use case: use your phone as a personal hotspot, rather than public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop.

Ransomware is a commonly publicized type of cyberattack that companies continually face. Ton states, “Cloud and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) are a great mitigation against [ransomware] because you have multiple backups of your data.”