Siemens’ eMeter specializes in software solutions for electric, gas, and water
utilities. The company’s flagship product is EnergyIP™, a platform for managing, integrating
and optimizing smart grid and smart meter technologies. They have a global business, especially in North America and India, that works with a number of installation partners to implement software solutions at utility companies around the world. To help their partners deliver the best service possible, eMeter offers intensive “boot camp” trainings on how to properly install and manage its metering solutions.

eMeter Hybrid Cloud

We’re breaking down how eMeter and Bluelock implemented a hybrid cloud solution to achieve success:

Company Needs: To expand further into India, and support a global network of installation partners, eMeter needed a more flexible solution for deploying short-term compute resources on demand.

Bluelock Solution: Already 60% VMware-virtualized prior to migrating to the cloud, their past virtualization strategy had been ad hoc. When he arrived in 2010, Bond wanted to leverage a more focused, proactive migration toward cloud computing through a hybrid model, and they needed a solution that would be compatible with their existing infrastructure investments.

During an initial proof of concept, eMeter experienced nearly instant results. What would have taken a week previously took less than a day. Today, eMeter runs 95% of its ecosystem on VMware-based technology, and their on-demand access to Bluelock Virtual Datacenters has saved eMeter nearly 10 hours per week in administrative tasks alone, which translates into major gains in productivity and an increased competitive advantage. Their architecture leverages Bluelock’s 5-Series [Update: IaaS Premium] and 2-Series [Update: IaaS Essentials] VDCs for instant, flexible access to enterprise-grade cloud resources.

Final Results: By working with Bluelock to access resources hosted in the public cloud and by using its own private cloud resources, eMeter succeeded in:

  • Cutting capital expenses by minimizing procurement of unnecessary hardware
  • Reducing operational costs by deploying new environments in hours, not weeks
  • Increasing productivity and enhancing competitive advantage while making the most of its legacy hardware investments
  • Achieving a unified, enterprise-wide view for easy, efficient management of global assets

More Business Benefits: Through this initiative, approximately 95% of the eMeter ecosystem now runs on VMware-based technology allowing system administrators to see everything in a single control panel, moving virtual machines with a click of the button.

Bryan Bond, senior systems administrator at eMeter says, ““Our entire team is more agile, and we can use the time we’re saving to develop new products, release new features and get to market faster. That helps us stay in front of the competition.”

Bond continued, “With Bluelock Virtual Datacenters, we can do rapid prototyping and perform test case scenarios in days, not weeks. With access to Bluelock Portfolio we can tell internal customers exactly how much a deployment will cost them beforehand, because I know exactly how much it will cost me. That’s a game-changer.”

Download the full case study, eMeter Implements Hybrid Cloud Solution for Massive Gains in Global Agility, Cutting Deployment Time from Weeks to Hours.

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