A centralized IT architecture for governments is not uncommon; yet the complex nature of the network can provide challenges, especially when working with inexperienced cloud providers. With a single overarching IT organization and several sub-organizations operating semi-independently, building the requirements can be confusing, particularly when the sub-organization’s requirements differ from those of the parent organization.

Bluelock helped one government organization simplify their complex hosting and recovery architecture for increased efficiency, performance and security. By working with the client to identify and mitigate specific security-based networking requirements and provide extended tests leveraging remote clones, they now successfully host their core, mission-critical applications in the cloud, backed with the Recovery Assurance that they can maintain service resiliency and continuity for their customers in a timely fashion, no matter what happens.

The organization had specific requirements for their production and recovery environment to ensure continuity of service and network security. The first requirement stemmed from the concern that certain administrative staff needed access to their application, but due to the architecture of how their parent organization’s network was designed, they were having trouble identifying where the user originated from and how to gate access and permissions each user should have. By engaging Bluelock early in the design process, the team designed a solution to identify all traffic coming into their environment to better secure their critical data. The tailored solution identified a new network port that could be monitored and gated for users to connect into the application, which not only solved their immediate problem, but also increased the ease of their ability to audit users through logs.

The second requirement the client requested was the ability to do extended tests for their recovery solution. Bluelock recommends customers test as least twice a year, but the client required a tailored testing solution to satisfy their extended tests requirement. They wanted to secure 3.5 days for testing in order to fully vet all data, systems and applications in their recovery state. The key to this requirement working was that the extended test could neither impact their production environment nor their replication during the test. In order to accommodate this requirement Bluelock tailored a testing solution that leveraged remote clones. By using these remote clones, their team was able to verify data across all systems, test the resiliency of applications while running in recovery and experience continuous protection of their production environment.

Bluelock Recovery Assurance clients recover into the same production environment they run in every day, so the quality of service, resiliency of the environment and suite of managed services is identical in recovery as it is when in production, allowing even complex, regulated organizations to rest assured their IT investment is protected even when the unexpected occurs.