This spring, Bluelock Solutions from InterVision conducted a survey titled “2018 Legal Data Protection & Recovery,” focusing on the legal industry. The results found an overconfidence and mismatched expectations toward IT disaster recovery (IT-DR) within law firms. Here are a few responses that stuck out to us:

  • 60% of respondents are confident in their IT-DR plan however, only 36% have a formal IT-DR runbook
  • Only 10% of respondents test their IT-DR plans more than once a year, 40% test on an “ad hoc” basis
  • 66% of respondents say the depth/detail of questions about IT risk management from their clients in the past 12 months are increasing
  • Only 14% of respondents are running full failover tests
  • 76% of respondents desire a recovery time objective (RTO) for their Tier 1 – Mission Critical Systems of 24 hours or less, however only 34% of respondents have invested in High Availability environment and only 18% of respondents use Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

All of these aspects contribute to an overall weakened IT stance in mitigating risks of data loss and ensuring fast recovery following a disaster event or cyber breach. It’s no surprise that 66% of respondents claim an increase in client inquiries—wouldn’t anyone be concerned? Clients want to know if their personal and/or business information will be confidential to ensure proper counsel—and having an IT-DR plan that’s not been tested and therefore, lacks evidence of recoverability, makes the firm questionable in their eyes.

The results showcase some troubling disconnects. We recommend testing your IT-DR plan at least twice a year to track its effectiveness and having a runbook to ensure smooth recovery. Having a verifiable and ironclad IT strategy eases client concerns and guards against cyber threats. Firms that expect to have their Tier 1 applications recovered within 24 hours have little actual chance of accomplishing this goal without a High Availability environment, or at the very least a cloud-based IT-DR strategy.

To read the full results from Bluelock’s “2018 Legal Data Protection & Recovery Survey” – click here.

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