Key IT Disaster Recovery Resources

With the following resources, understand how to bridge the gap between executives and IT management with more productive conversations, learn how to build a better disaster recovery plan and further ensure recovery success.

  • DRaaS Bridges Executive and IT Practitioner Gap in DR Practices
    • There is a noticeable disconnect between those calling for an IT disaster recovery (DR) strategy and those actually implementing it. According the IDG survey referenced in this whitepaper, top executives expressed confidence in their firm’s ability to leverage DR practices, while IT implementers felt significantly less confident in doing so. Explore the disconnects between leadership and their IT staff, as well as the motivations behind adopting Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to protect data assets and empower business objectives.
  • 6 Questions to Secure a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan
    • A productive conversation between IT management and your business leadership is needed to better understand business pain points. Understand which types of disasters you are guarding against, if your recovery site is as secure as production and how downtime will affect your bottom line. In this guide, see not only the questions your leadership wants the answers to, but also how to answer those questions in a way that is easily understood by IT and non-IT leaders alike.
  • Ultimate Guide to DRaaS
    • Because disaster recovery is critical to protecting your organization’s most precious assets, businesses are leveraging DRaaS to tackle their IT complexities. Now that always-on business is the new normal, any form of downtime can be detrimental to the livelihood of your organization. This guide will help you assess your organization’s needs and develop an effective DR strategy all while helping you make important decisions and recover data quickly and effectively, with confidence.
  • 5 Reasons CIOs are Rethinking IT Disaster Recovery
    • The pressure on IT teams to deliver service uptime and availability is being met with major advancements in DR capabilities. Now is the time to rethink IT disaster recovery. DRaaS is poised to quickly take over the way businesses recover and protect their applications due to its ability to enable IT systems availability. Take the next step on your DR journey with this guide as it shows you the top five reasons CIOs are rethinking their IT disaster recovery strategies today.

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