Contacting Bluelock Support

During implementation, clients designate representatives who are authorized to open tickets with Bluelock Support by assigning appropriate Support Types via Portfolio Administration. All approved representatives must be listed with email and phone contact information in our records.

Two Ways to Access Bluelock Support


You may submit tickets to Support by logging into Portfolio and clicking on the Support Tab, or by logging in directly to your ServiceNow account. This is the place to contact Bluelock Cloud Solutions Team regarding requests or incidents.

Portfolio login:
Direct ServiceNow login:


Calling 888–402–BLUE (2583) option 3 will route you to the Bluelock Support phone queue. Phone contact is available for Professional and Enterprise Support packages. Please note the Primary Coverage Hours for the appropriate Support Level. After hours support calls are routed to on-call support personnel for Severity 1 issues. All other calls will be translated into a ticket and submitted for Bluelock Support to evaluate the following business day.

Creating a Support Ticket

Because helping Bluelock Support Administrators provide the best service is a part of the partnership, individuals designated with appropriate support types are the only personnel who can submit tickets. 
All clients that have access to ServiceNow have the ability to create support tickets.

Because Professional and Enterprise Support includes phone support, tickets regarding VDCs with either support level can call the support line (888-402-2583 option 3) and a Support Administrator will create the ticket for you.

When a ticket is created, you will receive an electronic confirmation of the ticket and its unique number for tracking purposes. 
Regardless of the method used to create a ticket, any detailed information provided (such as a specific error message) could have a significant impact on how quickly the issue is diagnosed and resolved.

Also, by providing the correct information when submitting a ticket, we are able to direct the issue to the correct person and with the appropriate sense of urgency. Our support ticketing system will allow you to monitor the progress of response and resolution with each ticket.

Incident Severity Levels

Severity levels provide an indication of the impact of an issue and help us respond effectively. Categorizing severity levels incorrectly hinders the overall ticket-handling process and can adversely affect the client. When a ticket is created, the severity level must be determined. Severity level of an issue may be changed as business conditions evolve. Bluelock may also change the severity level if it doesn’t meet the stated criteria or if business conditions change.

We will work a severity 1 issue around the clock for Professional and Enterprise Support if the client has a technical resource available to work with us until:

  • A resolution or workaround is in place and business impact has been mitigated
  • The severity is downgraded

Impact Level Definitions:

  • Severity 1 – Service outage, no access to client’s application, immediate action required
  • Severity 2 – Service interruption, degraded access to client’s application, vCloud® Director UI outage
  • Severity 3 – Issue, access not affected, no immediate action required