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Bluelock Portfolio™ for Hosting

Truly understand the cost of IT with Bluelock's insightful, transparent cloud management tool

Bluelock Portfolio™ provides clients a direct access point to manage and view their virtual datacenters and managed services. This proprietary tool uses a web-based interface to provide clear insight and visibility so you can truly understand your cloud environment and get the most out of your investment. This client portal goes a step beyond dashboards; it also pushes insightful HeadsUp™ recommendations to you based on your environment settings to improve your resource allocation and investments.

Bluelock Portfolio supports cloud resource management and decision-making in the following six categories: Cost Analysis, Datacenter, Security, Recovery, HeadsUp and Administration. In addition to these core categories, clients have an at-a-glance view of all hosted environments from the main Dashboard view.

Full Visibility and Easy Management

FullVisibilityandEasyManagement-July2014No other provider can give you the level of detail and visibility that Bluelock Portfolio offers. With full visibility and access to detailed cost and resource information, clients can quickly act on that insight using Bluelock’s self-service capabilities to quickly reallocate and adjust resources.

When you log in to Portfolio’s Datacenter View, you see detailed resource graphs for each hosted environment, application and virtual machine. This dashboard accurately illustrates how your hosted environment is consuming resources, including each application’s CPU use and web server network use. These graphs compare allocated resources with consumed resources, so you can quickly click over into VMware vCloud® Director and adjust your resource allocations to optimize your environment, based on insightful data and information.

The Datacenter View also allows easy self-service to opt-in to Bluelock’s Backup Managed Services. Environment-level daily backup costs are visible here, as well as resource allocation, from the environment-level all the way down to individual virtual machines. Clients may choose to opt-in or opt-out of backups for each VM here, too.

View and Adjust Security Managed Services

Know exactly what security settings and services your company has elected – down to the virtual machine level. This full visibility enables confidence in which environments are protected and which are accepting a higher risk. Add security managed services simply by clicking.

Security Tab View

Maintain visibility into your hosting environment(s) with a comprehensive, searchable, exportable and easy-to-view access/change log. Plus, gather audit documentation faster and easier with click-to-request SOC II reports.

HeadsUp Alerts and Recommendations

Fin-RulesYour team has limited time and resources to aggregate data and control your cloud resources. Bluelock HeadsUp notification gives your team back time in the day by compiling and sorting through your cloud data, then provide you insightful recommendations to improve your cloud spend and resource allocation. The purpose of HeadsUp is to make your work easier by providing the information you need, when you need it, so you can make faster, better decisions.

If, after you’ve looked at the charts and data inside of Bluelock Portfolio, you still aren’t sure what the best, if any, changes should be made in your environment, just ask our trained, experienced staff. We’ve been managing application environments in the cloud for nearly a decade and we’re ready to help guide you to make better decisions.

No End of the Month Surprises

The Cost Analysis View details actual monthly spend to-date by hosted environment or resource type contrasted on the same cost analysis bar as projected and committed spend. This allows users to manage, project and analyze their current costs, reconcile their invoices and export by hosted environment to charge back other business units or departments.

Users can also use this view to identify and manage cost outliers. Detailed visibility makes it easy to identify which applications are growing and emerging, which are shrinking and which should be evaluated for reallocation of resources.

Visibility Breeds Confidence

bub3-VisibilityBreedsConfidence-July2014Bluelock Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service protects your business from the impact of wide scale application outages, local hardware failures, malicious attacks and even the most common root cause: human error. Bluelock Portfolio for DRaaS gives you complete visibility into your recovery environment, so you can see if any of your workloads are at risk, when you need to increase bandwidth and what your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is at any given time.

By clicking into the Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service View in Portfolio™, you can view the RPO status and detail graph for each VPG, resources reserved at recovery against the contracted amount by CPU, RAM, number of VMs and storage and be able to track your replication bandwidth over time as well as total data transferred month-to-date.

For more detailed information on how Portfolio can help manage your recovery environment, visit the Bluelock PorfolioTM for Disaster Recovery as a Service page.

What to Expect from Bluelock Portfolio™

bub4-WhatToExpect-July2014While other managed cloud hosting providers are just beginning to release their first management tools, Bluelock Portfolio was the first of its kind and Bluelock has continued to iterate and refine its tools based on market and client demand. The addition of the Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) dashboard as well as HeadsUp communication and recommendations are examples of this continued improvement. Expect to be asked for your feedback on the tool and expect it to keep evolving as your workloads do.

During your onboarding with Bluelock, the Bluelock team will walk you through how to use Portfolio and help you setup your HeadsUp communications. You will see your allocated budget for the month alongside your projected spend based on current use. We want you to set your levels of use in a way that your projected spend is at, or near, your allocated budget. This means you aren’t buying more than you need.

After your first full month, most users will be able to view and export historical trends and invoices to identify changes in usage over past months and years. Use this to identify patterns and predict future spending needs.

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