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Bluelock Portfolio™ for Recovery

Proof of recovery is a click away


A Single Recovery Application – Available Anywhere

Bluelock wants you to have complete confidence in your IT systems availability while also experiencing the depth and breadth of our commitment to your success at all times. For this reason, we’ve created Bluelock Portfolio™, a software-enabled application to track and manage your entire recovery environment in a single web interface. Every client receives Bluelock Portfolio, no matter the Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution they’ve selected.

Bluelock Portfolio provides real-time performance, recovery, security, usage and cost information, which puts you in complete control over your solutions. Clients have predictable and visible cost data, with guardrails to ensure adherence to a budget. Fully mobile and available anywhere with an internet connection, Bluelock Portfolio means that every aspect of your relationship with Bluelock is always just a click away.

Real-Time Awareness of Solutions and Services

Bluelock Portfolio™ delivers real-time business intelligence, so you can make actionable decisions for the future of your business. Company executives receive a single-screen overview of your solutions and spending upon login to confirm their investment is working, while IT professionals can drill down to view detailed information about each solution to be sure replication, resources and services are in sync with expectations.

Predict the Success of Recovery:

DRaaS clients using Bluelock Portfolio receive our proprietary Recovery Health™ Score, a feature that calculates how your company’s DRaaS solution will perform during failover. We measure and translate raw recovery metrics into an easy-to-understand status, so that you can predict your recoverability and understand your risks at any given point in time.


Our color-coded indicators are updated in real-time and based on critical recovery metrics. You can even compare your current score with a 3-month average.

Visibility of Security Services:

Know exactly what security settings and services your company has elected – down to the virtual machine level. Add security managed services with the click of a button, and view a changelog for adjustments in the past.

What managed services does Bluelock offer for security? Click here 

Be Notified of Changes:

Want us to notify you if something in your recovery environment changes? You can set thresholds in areas such as spend and RPO to receive our personalized HeadsUp™ Alerts via email if there is a change to your environment. These alerts will always include remediation suggestions for your convenience.

Complete Control of Your IT Recovery Stance

Manage Risks of Downtime:
  • Monitor and understand the real-time status of your recovery capabilities with Recovery Health™ Score
  • Review the results of your latest DR test, then compare it with your past tests and Playbook
  • Schedule tests and have immediate access to your Bluelock recovery team
  • View and manage which systems are covered by managed security services
Prove Your DR Plan to Auditors:
  • Download (with one click) all current and historical testing results, co-signed by both Bluelock and your IT team
  • Download (with one click) your Playbook as evidence of process and responsibilities for auditors
  • Gather audit documentation faster and easier with click-to-request SOC 2 reports
Stay Within Budget:
  • Gain absolute financial transparency of your DR solution, down to the application-level, with detailed cost metrics through the virtual protection group (VPG) level
  • Confirm you are not going over budget on added applications with our cost prediction tool, and choose to wind down applications to save costs
  • View spending metrics by individual entity to facilitate accurate charge backs
  • Export cost metrics for invoicing

What Can Portfolio Do During a Disaster?

Portfolio allows visibility during a disaster for clients to make quick, accurate decisions and operate their business in our cloud. You can do the following if a disaster strikes:

  • Declare a disaster
  • Failover your DR environment or specific subsets of your environment
  • See who’s responsible for each recovery task, along with contact information
  • Download your DR Playbook with a single click to begin the order of operations
  • Enhance and adjust security controls
  • Perform backups and restores of hosted entities
Easily Request Support:

Portfolio is fully integrated with ServiceNow, which means that submitting requests for Bluelock’s support is a simplified process.

For both small and large IT teams alike, you can determine Bluelock’s level of involvement to fulfill the disaster recovery strategy that your team requires. Bluelock Portfolio facilitates your preferences, so you’ll always receive the support and insight you need for success.

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