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Bluelock Portfolio™ for Recovery

No more guessing, have complete confidence in your recovery

Stay Protected and Confident


Bluelock Portfolio™ for Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service gives you complete visibility into your recovery environment, so you can ensure your applications are protected effectively, manage your RPOs and control your costs. Portfolio also monitors your recovery environment for resource consumption and RPO trends and can send you HeadsUp™ notifications and recommendations if you are approaching a point of risk, so you can act quickly and remain protected.

Bluelock Portfolio for DRaaS was developed not only to provide visibility into true costs, but also to display detailed dashboards and information to help you manage a disaster recovery solution that you can be confident will work, no matter what.

Control Your Risk

cpu-at-recoveryWhen viewing your recovery environment in Bluelock Portfolio, customers will see their CPU at Recovery, Memory at Recovery and Storage at Recovery resources at a glance.

When viewing DRaaS environments in Bluelock Portfolio, any resources in green are guaranteed at recovery and what users can expect to be available upon recovery. If, however, users see a red bar, that represents risk exposure. Resources beyond the contracted amount are not guaranteed and may not be available at recovery. This red/green bar shows users when they may need to increase their contract to minimize their risk exposure.

The Storage at Recovery graph provides additional visibility into the recovery environment. The green shaded area represents the portion of your allocated storage reserved for the “journal”. The journal is a component of the DRaaS environments that tracks and saves changes to your VM over time, allowing you to recover from your choice of past recovery points, not just the latest instance. This unique features helps in the event of applications corruption, viruses and malicious attacks that would otherwise be copied directly into your recovery environment. Instead, you can choose a point in time that was not yet impacted by the event. You may adjust the size of your journal based on your preferences.

Time Matters

recovery-point-objectiveBluelock’s DRaaS solutions offer adjustable Recovery Point Objectives. At a glance, users are able to see if they are within that target recovery window.

When users click onto the interactive RPO by VPG graph, they are able to see each VM’s unique RPO, by minutes. This allows users to identify if any applications are exposed to risk and out of RPO. By clicking, users can zoom into a particular time point and identify specifically which applications are at risk and which points in time the applications are pushing more data than their bandwidth can handle.

Bluelock is watching your environment all the time. Set HeadsUp notifications to alert you if you fall out of RPO at any time. The HeadsUp communication will come with analyzed data and recommendations to correct any concerns.

Return On Your Investment

vpg-detailsNo application is an island and no business unit has an unlimited budget. DRaaS users can track their estimated monthly protection costs, by application or VPG, in the VPG Details graph.

This prediction tool allows users to understand exactly what resources their application is currently consuming under protection, and what they can expect on their bill at the end of the month.

Historical and past billing reports can be accessed in the cost analysis tool on the Bluelock Portfolio home page.

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