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What is Bluelock Support?

At Bluelock, we see ourselves as a true partner for your recovery and cloud hosting needs, acting as an integrated extension of your IT team. We separate our approach with clients into two areas of attention:

Service – a proactive level of responsibility Bluelock assumes to assist clients with our solutions.

Support – client-initiated assistance for help using the services they have purchased from Bluelock.

We understand that IT and business professionals have different support needs based on their applications and internal expertise. For this reason, we offer three levels of support for your needs, which extend beyond our professional services. (Clients may purchase any of our services, regardless of their support tier.)

Support Levels

Enterprise Support

Clients with this level of support receive the fastest response commitment, escalation handling and priority in the queue for requests. With direct access to a Bluelock professional via phone, our experts can assist you with your unique needs, whether this includes billing and subscription support, advisory services, contract change assistance, consultations about our partner technologies, one-on-one user training, business objective reviews or customized services. We even offer on-site audit assistance to clients in this tier if constituents want to tour our datacenter and make sure everything’s in order. Needless to say, this level includes our most advanced support activities.

Primary Coverage Hours: Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–1:00 am EDT and Saturday, 7:00 am–4:00 pm EDT, excluding holidays.

Professional Support

Most clients who choose this option desire fast response times, extended hours of availability, high support queue priority and assistance with a range of technical issues. Support activities in this tier include phone availability, advisory services, billing and subscription support, contract change assistance, business objective reviews and consultations about our partner technologies. Some support for customized services are available, but will be billed at an additional cost.

Primary Coverage Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–9:00 pm EDT, excluding holidays.

Basic Support

For this option, Bluelock experts are available for support during general business hours for needs such as billing and subscription support, contract change assistance, audit and compliance support, advisory services and consultations about our partner technologies.

Primary Coverage Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–5:00 pm EDT, excluding holidays.

Bluelock Support Tiers

  Basic Professional Enterprise
Initial Response Times:

Severity 1 Support – All Hours

60 Minutes 30 Minutes 15 Minutes
Initial Response Times:

Severity 2 Support – Primary Hours

8 Hours 2 Hours 1 Hour
Initial Response Times:

Severity 3 Support – Primary Hours

1 Business Day 4 Hours 2 Hours
Named Contacts Within Client’s Organization  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bluelock Expert Available by Phone  24×7 for Severity 1; 8am-5pm EDT for Severity 2 and 3 24×7 for Severity 1; 7am-9pm EDT for Severity 2 and 3 24×7 for Severity 1; 7am-1am EDT for Severity 2 and 3
Escalation Handling Priority
On-site Audit Assistance of Bluelock Datacenters
Direct Access to Senior Cloud Support (Solution Engineers)
Billing & Subscription Management and Support
ServiceNow (Technical Support Access, Service Requests)
Audit and Compliance Support
Access to Customized Services
Contract Change Assistance
Access to Consultations and Support for Bluelock Partner Technologies  ✔
Advisory Services  ✔
Instructor-Led User Training One-Time Recurring Recurring One-on-One
Business Objective Reviews Client Coordinated with Relationship Manager Client Coordinated with Relationship Manager