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Cloud Storage

Fast, secure cloud block-level storage options

Three Stratified Cloud Storage Options

Your ideal storage profile isn’t the same for every application. That’s why Bluelock places the choice in your hands. Choose between two geographic Zones (West and East) and between three stratified cloud storage profiles: Performance, Standard and Archive.

Encrypted storage is included in all three stratified tiers in the East Zone as well as the Performance tier in the West Zone. Encryption is available as an option for the Standard tier in the West Zone.

  • Performance Storage: Ideal for high I/O transactional databases that require very low latency and extremely high inputs/outputs per second (IOPS).
  • Standard Storage: Most workloads including web, database, application and utility support tiers. Standard performance is a solidly performing tier with low latency and high IOPS.
  • Archive Storage: Archive storage is mostly recommended for workloads that have large amounts of seldom-accessed data. These could include database backup dumps and historic file archives. The latency is higher and IOPS are lower on the archive tier to allow for the lower price point.

Storage On-Demand

Bluelock offers block level storage to hosted virtual machines for the purpose of supporting both operating system disks as well as data disks as a resource within a client’s Bluelock hosted environment. While all maintenance, management and performance tuning are handled by the Bluelock team, clients retain the ability to access their storage profiles and make changes as needed at any point during the lifecycle of a VM through VMware vCloud Director.

Clients have total visibility into their storage environment through Bluelock Portfolio and vCloud Director. These tools are used to perform provisioning, deprovisioning, review allocation, review performance and review financial information.

Bluelock Cloud Security

In addition to providing you the environment and tools to keep your hosting secure, Bluelock understands the criticality of our responsibility as the manager of the overall cloud environment. That’s why we enable customers to minimize risk and add layers of security to their environment with our robust list of security services and features.

As a SOC 2 audited datacenter and a VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered provider, Bluelock adheres to a vigorous list of security policies that apply to Bluelock, client data and business practices. These policies apply to physical security, logical security, networks security and more.

With our high standard of security practices, Bluelock has been able to help clients meet or exceed rigorous compliance standards including PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GDPR.