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Disaster Recovery for HIPAA HITECH

Secure Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service to support compliance

Securely Protect and Recover Your ePHI Data and Healthcare Applications

When protection and security matter most, you need a provider who understands more than just basic HIPAA hosting regulations. You need a provider who can interpret and apply compliance regulations as they relate to the latest technology, so you know your ePHI and healthcare applications are securely protected and able to recover quickly and effectively.

Bluelock has nearly a decade of experience hosting and recovering high-risk, high-potential workloads, including healthcare technology and financial services applications. We wrote the book on protecting your data while delivering high performance, unparalleled service and uptime. Just ask to see our clean SOC 2 audit and its HIPAA addendum to see our celebrated service and uptime statistics.

Complete recovery confidence requires preparation, testing, thorough documentation and access to the right partner who will be there to help you manage through a disaster scenario. Bluelock is firmly committed to supporting its healthcare technology Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service customers through its Recovery Assurance Program.

The Recovery Assurance Program is a unique process that exhaustively documents the critical components of your recovery plan and tests them for complete recovery confidence, while providing ongoing support and management of your solution.

Why Choose Bluelock for Your Healthcare Disaster Recovery?

Choosing Bluelock for cloud recovery solutions is more than just “checking the box” for HIPAA contingency plan requirements, it assures that you will recover quickly and effectively, no matter what comes your way.

  • We have nearly a decade of experience interpreting, analyzing and tailoring solutions for companies who can’t afford to make mistakes. Security and HIPAA compliance are specific areas of focus.
  • By working with Bluelock, you receive an ideal mix of services and solutions that will protect your sensitive healthcare data and applications in a secure, high-performance cloud environment, while also helping you meet regulatory needs.
  • We deliver insight through our tools, processes and people that help you achieve your objectives, leaving the day-to-day management of infrastructure systems to our team.

Bluelock’s Recommended HIPAA-Supporting Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Includes:

  • Bluelock’s willingness to sign a BAA
  • Dedicated onboarding team can have you up and running in 30 days or less
  • 2 free pre-scheduled, Bluelock-assisted recovery tests per year
  • Industry-leading replication and backup software (choose from a variety of technologies including Zerto, Veeam, CommVault or Double-Take)
  • Replication to encrypted storage
  • VPN for encryption
  • Proprietary client web-portal, Bluelock Portfolio™, that provides predictive analytics and pushes insightful recommendations
  • Enterprise-level Support
  • Recovery Assurance that you’ll be back up and running in 4 hours or less
  • Upon recovery, immediate access to:
    • Dedicated private cloud resources
    • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Managed Service
    • Backups Managed Service
    • Antivirus Managed Service
    • OS Patching Managed Service
    • DDoS Protection Managed Service
    • Event Log Monitoring Managed Service
    • Multi-factor Authentication Managed Service

HIPAA-Supporting Disaster Recovery from an Industry Leader

If you are seeking a disaster recovery solution that truly works when you need it most, that also helps you meet HIPAA security rule implementation specifications, then you need a provider that integrates deeply with your own processes, comprehensively tests and documents your plan alongside your team and can promise true recovery assurance. Bluelock does this most specifically through its Onboarding, Disaster Recovery Playbook creation and testing processes.

Success starts now, with our HIPAA-supporting cloud recovery solutions for healthcare technology-driven businesses.