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Disaster Recovery for Sensitive Data

Comprehensive recovery. Uncompromised security.

High Availability Without Compromising Security

When your business handles sensitive data like social security numberscredit card information or legal depositions, maintaining controlled accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of that data is essential. You’ve put a tremendous amount of time and money into protecting your day-to-day production environment. Are you sure that your sensitive data will remain protected and accessible in the event of disaster?

An effective disaster recovery solution is critical to providing the uptime and accessibility your business demands. However, it is essential that it incorporates the correct security controls and protocols to protect your data. Without these controls in recovery as well as production, you may be vulnerable in recovery after you’ve declared.

While many providers claim to leverage the cloud to deliver reliable disaster recovery, they haven’t dedicated the time and resources required to protect your information during replication and upon declaration. Bluelock has a decade of experience interpreting, analyzing and tailoring solutions for companies who can’t afford to make mistakes. Security and recovery for large, complex environments are specific areas of focus.

We have a lengthy client list of hospitalspharmaceuticalsbankslaw firms and insurance firms that trust Bluelock to protect and recover their sensitive data like electronic medical records, client records and their client’s personal information.

Prescriptive Recovery Services Emphasize Protection

Our expert team works with yours to identify and mitigate security gaps before implementation. To respond to those gaps, Bluelock provides proactive security services. Whether your workloads contain highly sensitive information or include publicly facing applications that may be vulnerable to DDoS attacks, our team can prescribe and support the necessary security controls to keep your workload secure.

Sensitive medical, financial and legal records

Including: electronic medical records, legal depositions and credit card numbers

  • Data leakage
  • Unauthorized access
  • Non-compliance fines
  • Private cloud with dedicated resources
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Encrypted at-rest and in-transit
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention system
Complex secure architecture (multiple access levels, existing physical and virtual hardware)

Including: Existing security technology investments, AIX hardware

  • Data destruction or corruption
  • Security breaches
  • Hybrid cloud environment (physical and virtual recovery)
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Intrusion prevention system
Vulnerable public facing applications (web portals, e-commerce applications)

Including: Bank’s customer portal log-in screen

  • DDoS attacks
  • Unauthorized third-party access
  • Damage to brand image
  • DDoS mitigation

Secure Recovery Expertly Matched To Your Needs

Would you be comfortable running production in your recovery environment today? Bluelock aims for all clients to be able to confidently answer “yes” to that question at any time. By tailoring our established technologies and processes, we deliver a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that keeps you protected.

  • Uncompromised Security: By replicating security technology and controls and security managed services to the recovery environment, and including those processes in our proprietary Recovery Playbooks, we provide a recovery environment that will be as secure, if not more, than it is in your production environment.
  • Mature Processes: Our extensive onboarding process exhaustively reviews your business and security operations to achieve the right level of confidentiality and protection for each application. We work with you to select the RTO and RPO for each application individually to develop the most efficient recovery possible. All this information is included in your recovery playbook, so your business can recover even if your IT team can’t be there to set it into motion.
  • Integrated Support: Bluelock works with your team to understand your security needs during replication as well as upon recovery. Our technical team can work with you to maximize your existing security investments, finding opportunities to leverage your existing security hardware when possible, as well as recommend more robust security services where the need is identified.

Bluelock offers a more modern take on recovery than traditional DR providers. The approach is one that we’ve tailored based on partnering with our clients and listening to their business needs. From the first day you pick up the phone, you’ll start to understand that things are different when you work with Bluelock.

Recovery Assurance™ Equals Comprehensive Protection

Bluelock provides Recovery for Sensitive Data though our Recovery Assurance™ Program, a mature delivery model designed to ensure your solution is uncompromisingly secure, expertly tailored and exhaustively supported.

The Bluelock Recovery Assurance™ Program was developed based on a proven combination of processes and procedures that go beyond “checking the box”. If you are seeking a disaster recovery solution that truly works when you need it most, then you need a provider that integrates deeply with your own processes, comprehensively tests and documents your plan to deliver true Recovery Assurance™.

Bluelock extends your recovery team by providing guidance and support to get your solution up and running quickly, but we are also there for you during an actual disaster scenario with the same level of urgency a member of your own team would have.