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Hosting Onboarding

Set your team up for success with simple, polished implementation and training

Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride With Bluelock At the Wheel

Bluelock’s onboarding and implementation processes for managed cloud hosting is tailored for each individual client, backed by years of experience onboarding customers of all sizes and with all types of complexities. Bluelock excels at meeting or exceeding implementation timelines and outcomes by using our proven processesexpert insight and free weekly training sessions.

Every onboarding plan, architecture and timeline is uniquely developed in collaboration with your team to meet your requirements. We use our experience of implementing cloud environments for nearly a decade to guide you through a prescriptive process that delivers results. We’ve even excelled where other providers haven’t.

Continuous Support and Training for Success

At the beginning of the onboarding process, your team will get personally acquainted with our team. You will be introduced to your team lead and the named supporting contacts from Bluelock who will support you technically, architecturally as well as for billing and administration.

Your team will have access to the following:

  • Tailored process flows
  • Interactive training sessions, free for the life of your contract for any existing or new team members
  • Named Bluelock team members dedicated to ensuring the success of your hosting solution

Your Bluelock team is not only highly involved in the onboarding process, but also available post-implementation for assistance and continued training. If you’d like more information on our onboarding process, such as sample onboarding documentation, information on training sessions or to discuss your unique project, contact us today.