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Intrusion Prevention System

Guard your applications from malicious activity

IPS Managed Service for Your Cloud

Bluelock’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Managed Service works in tandem with a Bluelock Advanced Firewall Managed Service to protect your environment from constantly changing and evolving threats, both internal and external. While your firewall protects you from what you know already, your IPS Managed Service is the intelligent monitoring of ongoing activity. It compares that activity against known vulnerabilities, threats and attack vectors. Clients with highly sensitive data as well as highly regulated data, for example healthcare and financial service companies, often use IPS Services as an industry best practice.

USE CASE If a user at a financial institution clicks on a pop-up message while on a non-corporate site, like social media, it could introduce something malicious on their machine that attempts to access secured systems without their knowledge. IPS monitors and reacts to malicious activity, even if it appears from an internal or trusted source.

Benefits of Bluelock’s IPS Managed Service

Your team needs to do more for the business and use fewer resources to do so. While some tasks may fall to the bottom of the list when time and resources are constrained, security can’t. No matter what, your environment has to be secure or you expose your business to risk.

Tackle Constantly Evolving Threats
Security is complex, threats are constantly changing and it’s a full time job to monitor and react to all potential threats. Bluelock leverages industry-leading, award-winning Check Point® technology to detect and protect your applications from constantly changing malicious threats.

Stratified Levels of Protection
No other managed cloud hosting provider offers you four stratified levels of IPS protection. Bluelock’s robust catalog ensures you can select the protection tier that best matches your application’s security needs, as well as a tier that matches your team’s ideal communication schedule and preferences.

High Performance
Bluelock IPS Managed Service is built to handle peak traffic loads to ensure constant detection and protection. The service is scalable and securely grows or contracts with your changing security needs.

Bluelock’s IPS Managed Service Tiers

  • Basic: If your organization is driven by a compliance need rather than a security concern, the Basic IPS Managed Service helps you meet regulatory compliance requirements for intrusion prevention systems.
  • Professional: Organizations driven by compliance regulations that need additional customization find the Professional IPS Managed Service the best fit to meet compliance requirements for intrusion prevention systems for applications that don’t quite fit the standard mold.
  • Enterprise + ThreatCloud Standard: When your organization is driven to IPS because of an internal desire to employ the best security technology available to protect your sensitive data and environment, the Enterprise + ThreatCloud Standard Tier, the minimum recommended tier in Bluelock’s stratified tier catalog.
  • Enterprise + ThreatCloud Premium: The most robust intrusion prevention system available, when security and protection is of the upmost importance and your team wants the most intelligent notification available when events occur.