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Connect your environments seamlessly with redundant enterprise connectivity

Connect Safely and Securely to the Cloud

Bluelock’s cloud infrastructure is designed to be a secure, multi-tenant environment offering enterprise-level network connectivity.

Clients can connect to Bluelock’s network using MPLS circuits or point-to-point integration. Bluelock customers are able to manage their network options using self-service through VMware vCloud® Director or by engaging Bluelock Managed Services. You can bring in MPLS, WAN or Point-to-Point connections.

Network Access to Your Hosted Environment

  • Connecting Private Networks to the Cloud: Bluelock engineers can assist in the integration of VPN, Wide Area Networks (WAN), MPLS or Point-to-Point circuits by working with your staff and communication service providers to ensure bandwidth availability and fault tolerance. We can securely connect your circuits to your cloud infrastructure.
  • Connecting Colocation to the Cloud: Bluelock will securely connect your Bluelock colocation infrastructure to your Bluelock hosted environment with high-speed Ethernet connection (up to 10G speeds per uplink).

Bluelock clients are able to integrate their own physical hardware (including security appliances, load balancers and other devices) in their colocation cabinets to their cloud environment. Most clients opt for Bluelock’s virtual F5 appliances, virtual Check Point® firewalls, or VMware vShield™ Edge firewall solutions to simplify and fully leverage their Virtual Datacenter.

All private IP space inside your environment is fully isolated, allowing you to use your existing IP numbering plans without conflict in the cloud. You can choose which non-public addresses are used for your internal networks and routed connections, giving you the ultimate control and flexibility of your network plan.

Public Internet Access to Your Hosted Environment

  • Multiple Redundant Providers: Bluelock’s Network Service is built on top of multiple enterprise class Internet providers, each using dual, disparate path entrance to the datacenters. Running BGP4 (border gateway protocol) full tables for each provider ensures proper redundancy and the ability to automatically reroute traffic in case of performance or availability issues.
  • Redundant Network Power: Bluelock also offers fully redundant A/B side power for our network equipment. Our power system is backed by an on-site generator and large fuel storage tank for ultimate off-grid run time.
  • Customer Connections: Bluelock customers can have quick access to Internet port speed connections ranging between 1Mb/second to 1Gb/second with commit rates anywhere in between. Higher rates are available under contract as needed.
  • Internet Billing: Bluelock uses a five-minute sampling and 95% (95th percentile) utilization to calculate a client’s monthly usage. This allows usage to exceed your contracted threshold for brief periods of time without the commitment of purchasing a higher bandwidth level.

IP Space

  • IP Address Allocation: Upon request and in addition to your contract, Bluelock can provide public IP addresses in blocks based on your requirements.
  • IP Address Management: VMware vCloud Director provides integrated IP address management that can be used in conjunction with its VM auto-customization features or VSE based firewall solution for simplicity in provisioning internet facing services. vCloud Director managed IP space helps to prevent IP conflict and manages your IP pool usage for you. For advanced users, manual configuration is available for systems that are not managed or tracked by vCloud Director.
  • Public vs. Private IP Address Space: While clients are allocated public IP addresses by Bluelock’s network team, they may use any private IP address space they wish. Each client VDC network environment is separate from other clients.

Internal Network Management

Using VMware vCloud Director and vShield™ Edge technology, clients can manage their own DHCP, NAT and firewall services. vCloud Director allows for simple easy creation and protection of internal networks while managing your IP spaces and isolating you network traffic to your specific vApp or Organization network.