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Private Cloud Hosting

Dedicated environments to protect your workloads

Experience Security and Control in a Private Cloud Environment

Whether you need to protect sensitive data, meet compliance regulations or operate highly specialized applications, some workloads require the control of a dedicated technology.

While many providers lead you to believe dedicated technology means your business will have to give up the benefits cloud hosting provides, Bluelock thinks differently. With Bluelock’s private cloud solutions you can experience the elasticity, support and performance you expect from the cloud with the added protection, control and customization of an isolated environment.

Bluelock maximizes efficiencies of shared resources for your environment while tailoring specific dedicated resources for your specific needs. With Bluelock you don’t have to choose between cost savings and isolation like other providers who offer one-size fits all solutions. We can individually isolate your storage or compute in any combination so you achieve compliance and security, while still maintaining agility, cost savings and reliability.

We Build Your Ideal Private Cloud

Designing a cost-effective solution that keeps your data protected and your applications readily available requires expertise and a thorough understanding of your business. With a decade of experience delivering and supporting protected cloud hosting solutions, Bluelock specializes in deploying the right balance of confidentiality, availability and integrity for your private cloud infrastructure.

Bluelock’s Private Cloud Environments

Bluelock’s Production Hosting (Private Cloud Environment) Software (VMware vSphere) Designed for web applications, healthcare and financial service applications, retail and ecommerce applications

  • Virtual isolation eliminates co-mingling data
  • Managed resource allocation controls “noisy neighbors”
  • Pay as you go or fixed pricing available
  • Direct connection for internal workloads and reduced latency
  • Bluelock managed with multiple support services available
Bluelock’s Dedicated Compute Physical (Host Level) Designed for audit-based requirements and Oracle databases

  • Customization for software that is tuned for specific hardware
  • Can be customized for extremely high-end performance requirements
  • Physical segmentation of all compute operations for audit requirements
Bluelock’s Dedicated Storage Physical (Datastore, RAID, or SAN Level) Designed for applications with strict storage-based data destruction requirements

  • Can be isolated at the SAN or disk-level
  • Can be customized for extremely high-end performance requirements

Private Cloud Use Case Examples

What Do I Need for My Production Financial Analytics Application?

Bluelock Production Hosting
Similar Use Cases: Web applications, healthcare and financial service applications, retail and ecommerce applications

With the maximum combination of efficiency, agility and security, the hosted environment offers an isolated place for you to host and recover your high-security, high-performance applications in a pay-as-you-go model, backed by the support of a dedicated team and its extensive catalogue of managed services.

By isolating your datacenter into a hosted environment you have access to on-demand burst, self-service addition of managed services and you are able to use a pay for what consume model, unlike dedicated compute and storage where you pay for the entire dedicated hardware appliance. You achieve faster mobility and agility to scale up or down because you’re pulling from a larger pool of resources.

Compared to hosting applications in your own datacenter, you can add managed services in a fraction of the time. Add Intrusion Prevention Systems or Advanced Firewall with the help of a dedicated support team. Add and customize managed backups with just the click of a button and receive proactive, intelligent alerts based on rules you set within the system.

What Do I Need for My Oracle Database?

Dedicated Compute
Similar Use Cases: Audit-based requirements

When licenses are billed in a “per processor” model, as is often the case with Oracle licenses and databases that host other large applications, cloud economics start to get foggy. A “per processor” model defines the cost based on the total number of processor cores in a host, as opposed to the number of users accessing the system. With the way most clouds are architected, however, that skyrockets the cost without additional benefit to the application user.

Bluelock recommends a private cloud with dedicated compute for your company, while still being able to enjoy the cloud economies of a shared headend, network and experienced hands-on services team.

What Do I Need to Meet My Storage-Based Data Destruction Compliance Requirements?

Dedicated Storage
Similar Use Cases: Applications with strict storage-based data destruction requirements

Some compliance and audit requirements are prescriptive in terms of what you need to do when you decommission an environment after use, and often that requires data destruction at the storage level.

While Bluelock can assist with workload migration out of our cloud with any of our environments, some applications require more specialized, specific destruction of media and data that can’t be accomplished when enjoying the efficiencies of shared storage devices.

In that case, the customer can choose to forgo the cost savings of shared storage and choose an environment with dedicated storage. This allows the device to be decommissioned to the client’s prescriptive requirements based on audit needs to ensure compliance.

Users at this level of private cloud still experience hands-on, proven onboarding, managed services and support as well as extreme performance and security for your workload, as well as Bluelock’s proprietary cloud management tool, Bluelock Portfolio.

A Dedicated Team for a Dedicated Environment

Bluelock has the unique ability to tailor the right balance of isolation and flexibility for your workload and our ongoing 24×7 dedication to your environment’s performance and reliability.

Leveraging cloud infrastructure is an ideal way to become a more strategic and growth-oriented IT department. By utilizing Bluelock Managed Services on top of your dedicated private cloud, your team can optimize its cloud strategy and experience and lean on us to take care of many of the day-to-day management activities that can put a drain on your team. We can provide you recommendations based on a decade of cloud hosting and recovery experience that will allow you to sail over the speed bumps which most new cloud users hit.