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Recovery Assurance

Be completely confident in your disaster recoverability.

Our Commitment to Verifiable Confidence

You should accept nothing less than absolute confidence in your Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. A dependable recovery plan leaves nothing to chance, which is why Bluelock has established Recovery Assurance, our guarantee program for clients that their solutions will work as expected, no matter the scenario.

Our Recovery Assurance program is a time-tested process that tailors the right technology and service to your specific business needs, backed with world-class support to extend your team. We believe recovery confidence comes from more than just great technology, so our team of experts work tirelessly to deliver reliable IT resiliency for your organization. Unlike other DRaaS providers, we guarantee a 100% client test success rate.

What Does Bluelock Recovery Assurance Include?

  • The most comprehensive SLAs of any provider anywhere, backed in writing
  • 100% testing success guarantee – we test until you pass
  • Prescriptive onboarding and training for your team
  • Creation of a custom Disaster Recovery Playbook (way more comprehensive than a DR Runbook)
  • Primary, single point-of-contact who will proactively manage the relationship and operational processes
  • Resources for disaster declaration and our expert team to support the failover AND failback of your systems
  • Access to verify your solution, spending and testing via our SaaS-based interface, Bluelock Portfolio

The Recovery Assurance Model

Recovery Assurance means that your secondary environment will meet or exceed operational standards, no matter the complexity. Bluelock’s solutions are designed and delivered through a trusted partnership between your team and ours. We listen to your team to fully understand your needs, then implement a customized solution and manage it so you don’t have to. We back everything with the strongest service level agreements (SLAs) of any provider anywhere.

Disaster Recovery doesn’t stop with implementation. Bluelock maintains your plan constantly, so that you are guaranteed to recover from an event. Our process sets us apart from other providers, which is why we continually receive the highest client satisfaction scores in the industry.

Testing That Eliminates Surprises

Other providers will offer you unlimited testing, but this is useless if you have to completely manage it on your own and you never pass. Our team will test your DRaaS solution with you. Not only that, we guarantee your test will be a success. How? We test until you pass.

No other provider is as dedicated to your confidence as we are, which is why we boast the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Comprehensive SLAs Translate to Success

Bluelock is the only DRaaS provider to offer all four of these outlined SLA types with this depth of commitment:

  • Infrastructure Availability SLA: Your recovery infrastructure will be reserved and available upon declaration.
  • Replication Service SLA: Replication traffic will be up and running, meaning your RPO won’t falter.
  • Recovery Team Response SLA: Our team is dedicated to your success and we prove it with a documented target of minutes, any day of the week or time of night.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLA: We back your recovery with a mutually agreed upon RTO, meaning your complete applications will be ready for end users. No one else promises this level of detail.

Go Beyond “Checking the Box”

Bluelock’s Recovery Assurance Program was developed based on a proven combination of processes and procedures that go beyond “checking the box.” If you are seeking a disaster recovery solution that truly works when you need it most, then you need a provider that integrates deeply with your own processes, comprehensively tests and documents your plan alongside your team. Bluelock does this most specifically through expert onboarding, playbook creation, testing processes, and extensive SLAs that surpass every competitor. We back every promise in writing and offer service credits for unmet expectations—which means you can relax knowing we own the management of your data.

Recovery Assurance is designed to extend your team by providing guidance and a hands-on approach to get your solution up and running quickly. With preparation, documentation and testing results that you can share with stakeholders at any time, your entire business can rest assured of IT availability to meet the challenges of the future.

Gain confidence in your data protection and transform your IT department for the better. Let’s have a conversation.


Our clients hold us to the highest standards of information security, data privacy and business continuity. With Bluelock, there's a real partnership that enables our success achieving that continuity, privacy and security. There's listening that happens on both sides. With Bluelock’s services we don’t have to add a lot of operational effort to enable the recovery solution. Connie Hoffman Chief Information Officer, Bryan Cave LLP