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Recovery Assurance™

Be completely confident in your disaster recoverability.

Our Unique Approach to Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

When it comes to choosing a disaster recovery service provider, you should accept nothing less than absolute confidence in your recovery process. From implementation and testing, to failover and failback, a dependable recovery solution leaves nothing to chance.

At Bluelock, we work every day to deliver our clients complete confidence in their solution through our Recovery Assurance™ program, a time-tested process that tailors the right technology and service to your specific business needs, secures your critical data to mitigate threats and provides world-class support to extend your team.

We believe recovery confidence comes from more than just great technology. Confidence takes preparation, documentation and the support of an expert team. But perhaps more importantly, it requires the ability to easily and thoroughly test your recovery. By making the testing processes as easy as saying the word “go”, we encourage you to test our team and technology. Bluelock’s Recovery Assurance™ means you can rest assured that things will go as planned when you need us, without question.

The Recovery Assurance Model

Recovery-Assurance-3Would you be comfortable running production in your recovery environment today? Bluelock aims for all clients to be able to confidently answer “yes” to that question at any time.

Recovery Assurance™ means that your recovery environment will meet or exceed the operational standards you’ve worked hard to develop in your day to day production. With Bluelock, you can rest assured that your disaster recovery solution will be uncompromisingly securedexpertly tailoredexhaustively supported and comprehensively tested.

Recovery Assurance™ delivers Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) through a trusted partnership between our team and yours. From the first day you pick up the phone, you’ll start to understand that things are different when you work with Bluelock.

  • Continuous protection to minimize risk of data loss
  • Secured from unwarranted access to sensitive data
  • Dedicated private cloud resources with secure controls
  • Customized Disaster Recovery Playbook
  • Support for hybrid architecture (virtualized and physical recovery)
  • Recovery tiers that align recovery effectiveness with efficiency
  • 24x7x365 dedicated team standing by to test and support
  • Superior onboarding and training to accelerate protection and confidence
  • A named team of collaborative experts for a true partnership

Bluelock Recovery Assurance™ Includes

  • Prescriptive onboarding and training for your team
  • Creation of a custom, exhaustive Disaster Recovery Playbook (includes a DR Runbook)
  • At least twice-a-year Disaster Recovery Testing to assess your team, ours and the documented DR Playbook procedures
  • Primary, single point-of-contact who will proactively manage the relationship and operational processes to deliver complete Recovery Assurance™
  • Resources and support for disaster declaration and failback of your systems
  • Access to self-service management of RPO, VM protection levels, costs, historical trends and insightful alerts

Go Beyond “Checking the Box”

The Bluelock Recovery Assurance™ Program was developed based on a proven combination of processes and procedures that go beyond “checking the box”. If you are seeking a disaster recovery solution that truly works when you need it most, then you need a provider that integrates deeply with your own processes, comprehensively tests and documents your plan alongside your team and can promise true recovery assurance. Bluelock does this most specifically through its onboarding, Disaster Recovery Playbook creation and testing processes.

Recovery Assurance™ is designed to extend your team by providing guidance and a hands-on approach to get your solution up and running quickly, and a dedicated support team that treats disaster scenarios with the same level of urgency as your own team would.

Our clients hold us to the highest standards of information security, data privacy and business continuity. With Bluelock, there's a real partnership that enables our success achieving that continuity, privacy and security. There's listening that happens on both sides. With Bluelock’s services we don’t have to add a lot of operational effort to enable the recovery solution. Connie Hoffman Chief Information Officer, Bryan Cave LLP