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Recovery Playbook

A comprehensive plan that goes beyond a traditional recovery runbook.

Recovery Assurance Comes from Thorough Documentation

Most cloud recovery providers offer a simple runbook that describes the order in which your IT systems should recover. Bluelock goes beyond this standard approach to create a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Playbook that outlines the critical components of your IT disaster recovery and business continuity practices. This ensures your team and Bluelock can work together to quickly return your business to normal operations in the event of a disaster.

Bluelock follows a strict, proven process for developing a Disaster Recovery Playbook with its customers. The Playbook outlines all DR procedures; recovery objectives; key contacts; responsibilities and authorizations; system infrastructure; network configurations regardless of complexity; and detailed failover and failback instructions. During the onboarding and implementation process, the initial draft is created. After the first successful recovery test, the document is finalized and both parties sign off on its completion. With each recurring test, the Playbook is reviewed and updated so that it is always up-to-date and accurate.

Access your team’s Playbook at any time through our client dashboard, Bluelock Portfolio. This helps to ensure that if a hard copy is not retrievable during an event, the recovery process can still occur.

Bluelock Recovery Playbooks Include

  • Organizational preparedness: contact information for all team members’ roles and responsibilities, both on the client and Bluelock side
  • Disaster recovery management and escalation processes: notifications, declaration and testing guidelines and authorizations
  • System representation: key infrastructure overview and specifics
  • Network details: exhaustive information and instructions for complex network configuration, requirements and scenarios
  • Failover and failback procedures: step-by-step system recovery and restore process
  • Distinct order of completion: clear prioritization of recovery and quality assurance tasks with Bluelock’s unique approach to tiering using Recovery Waves™ to ensure smooth return to end users
  • Clear delineation of responsibilities: information about who owns what, so that Bluelock and the client complete recovery efficiently throughout the entire process

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