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Recovery Waves™

An End-to-End Approach to Recovery

People and Process Over Technology

Organizing applications into tiers of recovery by their level of urgency enables the right focus of attention during an event. With this goal in mind, Recovery Waves™ go a step further. They define the order in which those applications, within each specific tier, should return to service. As a result, Recovery Waves™ are an essential part of True RTO™ and making accurate predictions for stakeholders.

For example: Imagine if your company stores its paper files in a building across the street. Since you can carry only one box at a time, you would need to take several trips to carry all of the files to your desk. The same is true for Recovery Waves™. It provides a structure for managing the recovery workload in a timely fashion, while also setting reasonable expectations for leadership of when recovery will be completed.

Recovery Without Headache

Recovery Waves™ emphasize people and process over technology. The technical part is faster than the people part, so Recovery Waves™ are a way to rank applications within your recovery tiers, taking into consideration dependencies and order of operations.

Recovery Waves™ offer the following to the recovery process:

  • Demonstrates which applications need to wait on others before returning to service
  • Sets expectations about when applications will be fully available
  • Provides more detailed information on what will come back and in what order – even within the same tier

Set the Right Expectations

By using True RTO™ while incorporating tiered Recovery Waves™, IT can set clearer recovery expectations to the rest of the organization and key constituents. Bluelock is the only DRaaS provider that defines these recovery stages in such explicit terms and incorporates them into our clients’ Disaster Recovery Playbooks, which adds assurance that all parties understand the joint objectives and their roles in the complete restoration of systems.

See the diagram below for an example of how Recovery Waves™ function to restore service without overwhelming IT teams:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.21.53 PM

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