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True RTO™

True Recovery Means Everything Has Returned to Normal

An Accurate Definition for Recovery

On a basic level, a recovery time objective (RTO) is the objective for the time it takes to recover. But there can be differing interpretations on what level of detail this actually entails:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 2.29.21 PM

Most IT providers define RTO from the technical perspective described above. Based on this definition, they describe having instantaneous or near-instantaneous RTO.

Why It Matters

Bluelock is dedicated to the complete recovery of our clients’ IT systems and what that means not just to IT, but to the rest of their organization and constituents. For this reason, we refer to recovery times in terms of True RTO™.

True RTO™ is when all infrastructure and applications are running and returned to end users for use again. After all, this is the point when you’ve truly recovered. It ensures you are setting the right expectations to your business and leadership.

True RTO™ includes the following steps and processes in exhaustive terms:

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A Step Above the Rest

Only Bluelock covers all of these stages in defining RTO – that’s why we call it True RTO™. We consider the quality assurance aspects as part of the recovery process. Technology used to be the hardest part of recovery, but now that modern technologies work so well, the QA part has become what actually slows down the process.

For these reasons, Bluelock’s Disaster Recovery Playbook documents all of these stages, including the QA aspects. We know that to set the right expectations for your business, you need to take a comprehensive approach to the recovery steps that entail returning systems to normal.

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