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Virtual Machine Backup

30-day, 90-day, and 365-day retention plans

Virtual Machine Backup Managed Services for Your Cloud

Engage Bluelock’s Backup Managed Services so you can focus on more strategic projects while Bluelock Client Support expertly manages your day-to-day backup operations.

Bluelock customers can easily opt-in to one of three backup managed services through Bluelock Portfolio™. Each service varies in media, retention length and media storage location so you can choose the exact right solution to protect your workload.

Choose the Best Backup Managed Service

Bluelock’s Backup Managed Services are designed for customers who desire a proactive approach to their backup strategy. Engaging Bluelock’s experts to manage your day-to-day backup operations allows your IT professionals to focus on higher priority and strategic objectives

Evaluate your workload’s retention length and retained media location requirements to help determine the most effective backup plan. Bluelock’s To-Tape Backup Service is more cost-effective for long-term retention and offers off-site storage, while Bluelock’s To-Disk Backup Service is more cost-effective for monthly or quarterly retention periods and workloads that don’t require off-site storage.

Bluelock’s To-Tape Backups Managed Service is ideal for Bluelock-hosted workloads with regulatory or compliance requirements that call for 365-day retention or off-site backups.

Bluelock’s To-Disk Backups Managed Service is ideal for Bluelock-hosted workloads requiring 30-day or 90-day retention plans and do not require off-site backups.


Bluelock’s VM Backup Managed Service Delivery

Our disk-to-disk-to-tape process backs up data to a disk for a defined period of time, after which it is moved to tape. This strategy can reduce the backup window and improve RTO.

Ongoing Data Protection

  • Incremental backups are executed Saturday through Thursday
  • A synthetic full backup is executed every Friday night
  • Each full backup is written to tape on a Saturday/Sunday schedule and is subsequently sent to secure offsite storage the following Thursday

Tape Retention

  • Weekly backup tapes kept off-site on a four week rotation
  • A monthly backup is executed the first Friday of the month
  • Monthly backups are kept for one year and are stored in a secure offsite location

Quality Control

  • Bluelock runs a daily report to check the completion status of all backups.

Emergency Assistance Services for Backups

  • 24×7 emergency response
  • Emergency virtual machine restoration
  • Email and phone support access