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    Bluelock Support

    The Bluelock Support Team strives to be a true partner and become an integrated extension of your IT team. This means we look out for your applications, your systems and your team by being proactive and highly responsive to your needs.

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    Data Protection MegaCast Webinar | Bluelock Excerpt

    Hear from Bluelock, CTO, Pat O'Day as he walks through how to evaluate Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) providers. Hear the different scenarios Bluelock has encountered as our clients consider the different options for IT Disaster Recovery - hitting all aspects of DRaaS from DIY, to doing it in the cloud and how to pick cloud provider.

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    Fast IT: Accelerate Your Business with Cisco Powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

    Pressure for IT to perform is never-ending. With Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Bluelock hosts and manages the hardware, software, services, storage and other parts of infrastructure for you, so that you can focus on other business needs.

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    Fast IT: Accelerate Your Business with Infrastructure-as-a-Service

    This Cisco Powered eBook will help you free yourself to focus on strategic IT with the help of Cisco Powered Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provided by Bluelock.

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    eGov Strategies Partners with Bluelock to Add Resiliency and Effectively Scale and Serve Large Clients

    As eGov Strategies thoughtfully assessed the successes they were having with larger clients and the increasing pressures on security and compliance, they proactively decided to improve the resiliency and robustness of their solutions by expanding their protection and security capabilities.

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    Financial Media Company Leverages Managed Cloud Hosting and Recovery to Compete with Big Business

    Sometimes a forced situation can be a catalyst to a bigger, better change. In this financial media company’s case, their forced move from a physical datacenter drove their organization not only to the cloud, but also to a more effective IT strategy that allowed their small IT team to compete on the same scale as…

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    eMeter Implements Hybrid Cloud Solution for Gains in Global Agility

    eMeter Implements Hybrid Cloud Solution for Massive Gains in Global Agility, Cutting Deployment Time from Weeks to Hours eMeter needed flexible, short-term compute resources to support intensive training for a global network of installation partners. By working with VMware vCloud® Datacenter service provider partner Bluelock to access resources hosted in…

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    F5 Networks DevCentral Online Community Site Improves Performance and Agility with Bluelock Virtual Datacenters

    Jumping to the Public Cloud:F5's Migration to Critical App in Less Than 30 Days Seattle-based application delivery networking vendor F5 Networks runs a technical user community site called where over 100,000 global IT professionals collaborate with peers to enhance and create solutions to better deliver applications.

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    Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud: Bluelock Helps Codesigned Deliver for WellStar Health Systems

    Microsoft SharePoint in the Cloud: Bluelock Helps Codesigned Deliver for WellStar Health Systems Codesigned is a technology services firm focused on high quality, branded collaboration solutions, specializing in Microsoft SharePoint. With a team of experienced consultants, system engineers, SharePoint Architects, .NET developers and web developers, Codesigned provides enterprise- class collaboration…

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    Bluelock Virtual Datacenters Instrumental in Patronpath’s PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud

    Bluelock Virtual Datacenters Instrumental in Patronpath’s PCI-DSS Compliance in the Cloud Founded in 2005, Patronpath provides relationship-building tools and processes that help restaurants cultivate profitable relationships with customers. The Patronpath integrated suite of web-enabled solutions allows restaurants to know and serve their customers better than ever, resulting in increased customer…