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    Compliant Hosting

    For companies in highly regulated industries, the right cloud provider is critical to achieving compliance with regulations and passing rigorous audits. Bluelock is firmly committed to supporting its customers so that they pass and exceed the expectations of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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    6 Questions to Secure a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

    Have a more fruitful, productive conversation between IT management and your business leadership with this guide. Learn the questions your leadership wants the answers to and how to answer those questions in a way that is easily consumed and understood by IT and non-IT leaders. Guide includes an Impact/Time Diagram…

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    Wounds Healed in the Cloud

    Bridging the Gap WoundVision is a wound care industry pioneer in advanced wound detection technology. WoundVision solutions allow healthcare providers to predict and track deep tissue injury, pressure ulcers and other wounds by utilizing personalized patient health data and infrared thermal imaging. With more than 60 years of combined experience…

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    HIPAA Compliant Hosting

    When protection and security matter most, you need a provider who understands more than just basic HIPAA and HITECH hosting regulations. You need a provider who can interpret and apply compliance regulations as they relate to the latest technology, so you know your ePHI and healthcare applications are securely protected and perform better than they could in your own on-premise datacenter.

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    Disaster Recovery for Sensitive Data

    When your business handles sensitive data like social security numbers, credit card information or legal depositions, maintaining controlled accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of that data is essential.

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    Disaster Recovery for HIPAA HITECH

    When protection and security matter most, you need a provider who understands more than just basic HIPAA hosting regulations.

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    How to Achieve HIPAA’s 5 Contingency Plan Requirements with Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

    Download this quick guide and learn how advancements in cloud and disaster recovery technologies can not only better ensure your ability to recover, but also make it easier to comply with HIPAA’s 5 contingency plan requirements.