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    Legal Survey Results eBook

    Legal Firms and the Struggle to Protect Sensitive Data

    As a leader in Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), with expertise in serving law firms, Bluelock commissioned an online reader survey with ALM (parent company of Legaltech News,, The American Lawyer, etc.) to assess the current state of the legal industry’s IT disaster recovery (DR) preparedness, pressures and confidence.

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    Legal Recovery in the Digital Age: Save Your Firm from Impending Disaster

    Bluelock recently partnered with ALM (parent company of LegalTech News,, etc.) to conduct a survey of legal IT professionals and their current disaster recovery preparedness. Read about the results in this white paper.

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    6 Questions to Secure a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

    Have a more fruitful, productive conversation between IT management and your business leadership with this guide. Learn the questions your leadership wants the answers to and how to answer those questions in a way that is easily consumed and understood by IT and non-IT leaders. Guide includes an Impact/Time Diagram…

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    Compliant Hosting

    For companies in highly regulated industries, the right cloud provider is critical to achieving compliance with regulations and passing rigorous audits. Bluelock is firmly committed to supporting its customers so that they pass and exceed the expectations of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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    Disaster Recovery for Sensitive Data

    When your business handles sensitive data like social security numbers, credit card information or legal depositions, maintaining controlled accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of that data is essential.

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    Disaster Recovery for HIPAA HITECH

    When protection and security matter most, you need a provider who understands more than just basic HIPAA hosting regulations.