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    Ultimate Guide to DRaaS

    With such a wide range of options labeled as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), it can be difficult to understand what exactly the term means and how it can support your business. In response, Bluelock Solutions, an analyst-recognized leader in DRaaS, has produced a no-nonsense guide designed to help you cut through the noise.

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    IaaS Premium™ Production Hosting

    Bluelock’s production hosting solution, IaaS Premium™ is especially designed for production workloads and applications that require very high availability. Our solutions deliver superior performance along with customizable layers of security.

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    IaaS Essentials™ Test-Dev Hosting

    Bluelock’s IaaS Essentials™ test and development hosting solution is built for teams who need fast deployment of public cloud resources with considerable day-to-day flexibility. In particular, this solution is scalable and enables teams to iterate quickly when building applications, performing functional testing and demonstrations and delivering proof-of-concept workloads.

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    Private Cloud Hosting

    Whether you need to protect sensitive data, meet compliance regulations or operate highly specialized applications, some workloads require the control of a dedicated technology. While many providers lead you to believe dedicated technology means your business will have to give up the benefits cloud hosting provides, Bluelock thinks differently.

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    Compliant Hosting

    For companies in highly regulated industries, the right cloud provider is critical to achieving compliance with regulations and passing rigorous audits. Bluelock is firmly committed to supporting its customers so that they pass and exceed the expectations of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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    Creating and Implementing Effective Disaster Recovery Practices (DRaaS) | ILTA Webinar

    COO of a Chicago law firm discusses how the firm evaluated and put into place effective disaster recovery (DR) practices to protect their business. Hear how they translated that effectiveness into business wins for their clients, board and insurance providers. Also, learn how to prioritize business projects, explain the business value of DR to non-technical stakeholders and identify what you may be missing in making your DR plan effective.

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    Establishing & Maintaining a Disaster Recovery Program | Preparis Webinar

    Bluelock recently hosted a webinar with the business continuity firm, Preparis, to help companies that struggle with planning, implementing and maintaining IT disaster recovery (DR) plans. In this webinar, you’ll learn how DR fits into the wider umbrella of business continuity and why it must connect with the rest of your business goals, going well beyond the technology aspects of recovery to achieve full resiliency.

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    8 Poor Practices for IT Disaster Recovery and What to Do Instead | DRJ Webinar

    Don’t let your company’s most precious assets – it’s revenue and reputation – be put at risk by doing these eight things. Learn from former CIO of multiple organizations and current Bluelock EVP of Product and Service Development, with a range of war stories, as he shares what not to do to protect your IT data and systems, and instead, how to be sure you’ve involved the right people, planned for the proper scenarios, documented effectively and more.

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    Bluelock & Guest Forrester Presents: Best Practices for Leveraging DRaaS to Achieve Your IT DR Objectives

    Hear from guest speaker Naveen Chhabra, Senior Analyst for Infrastructure & Operations Professionals at Forrester Research as he explains how to align your organization's executives, IT and risk teams on optimal IT DR objectives as well as key reasons why organizations are choosing to leverage DRaaS. Also, hear from Pat O'Day, CTO of Bluelock, on how companies are leveraging DRaaS to map their objectives to the best-fit solutions.

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    DRaaS Recovery Suite

    A Comprehensive Guide to Bluelock’s Recovery Suite

    Bluelock can handle even the most complex IT environments with our multi-tiered recovery suite of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions. This illustrative eBook explores not only the technology capabilities of DRaaS Run, Ready and Restore, but also sample use cases for each solution.