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    IaaS Premium™ Production Hosting

    Bluelock’s production hosting solution, IaaS Premium™ is especially designed for production workloads and applications that require very high availability. Our solutions deliver superior performance along with customizable layers of security.

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    IaaS Essentials™ Test-Dev Hosting

    Bluelock’s IaaS Essentials™ test and development hosting solution is built for teams who need fast deployment of public cloud resources with considerable day-to-day flexibility. In particular, this solution is scalable and enables teams to iterate quickly when building applications, performing functional testing and demonstrations and delivering proof-of-concept workloads.

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    Private Cloud Hosting

    Whether you need to protect sensitive data, meet compliance regulations or operate highly specialized applications, some workloads require the control of a dedicated technology. While many providers lead you to believe dedicated technology means your business will have to give up the benefits cloud hosting provides, Bluelock thinks differently.

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    Compliant Hosting

    For companies in highly regulated industries, the right cloud provider is critical to achieving compliance with regulations and passing rigorous audits. Bluelock is firmly committed to supporting its customers so that they pass and exceed the expectations of industry-specific regulatory requirements.

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    Bluelock Portfolio™ for Hosting

    Bluelock gives you complete confidence in your IT systems availability while also experiencing the depth and breadth of our commitment to your success at all times. For this reason, we’ve created Bluelock Portfolio™, a software-enabled application to track and manage your entire datacenter environment in a single web interface. Every client receives Bluelock Portfolio, no matter the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution they’ve selected.

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    Bluelock Support

    The Bluelock Support Team strives to be a true partner and become an integrated extension of your IT team. This means we look out for your applications, your systems and your team by being proactive and highly responsive to your needs.

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    Bluelock’s Recovery Suite

    The key to a high-performing IT disaster recovery plan is having the right mix of solutions to achieve your organization’s need for speedy recovery and maximum value. With this in mind, Bluelock has architected a suite of Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solutions to help organizations achieve their ultimate goal of IT service availability and data protection.

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    DRaaS Run™

    DRaaS Run leverages a high-quality production environment for always-on recovery. While most disaster recovery solutions don’t offer low enough RPO and RTO with transaction-consistent capabilities, DRaaS Run brings your most critical systems, applications or appliances up and fully available with near-zero wait time – all without loss or damage of key transactions during a disruption.

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    DRaaS Ready™

    DRaaS Ready protects diverse, high-impact data and applications across various hardware, hypervisor and operating system technologies, providing full application recovery in as little as 15 minutes after a disruption.

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    DRaaS Restore™

    DRaaS Restore allows companies to predictably restore and run services from their backups in the cloud, as well as quickly restore files and VMs back to their source site.