IT Availability Delivered Through Bluelock Assurance

Our unique process and cloud solutions allow our team to collaborate with yours: securing data, tailoring technology and providing world-class support.



For continuous protection of sensitive data, our resources create a multi-layered approach to true cloud security.

• Continuous protection to minimize risk of data loss

• Secured from unwarranted access to sensitive data

• Dedicated private cloud resources with secure controls



Businesses with complex environments require more than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customized solutions support hybrid architecture and multiple levels of data recovery.

• Customized Disaster Recovery Playbook

• Support for hybrid architecture (virtualized and physical recovery)

• Recovery tiers that align recovery effectiveness with efficiency



Our team thrives on being proactive and highly responsive to your needs with dedicated and 24/7 support— extending the capabilities of high-demand IT teams.

• 24x7x365 dedicated team standing by to test and support

• Superior onboarding and training to accelerate protection and confidence

• A named team of collaborative experts for a true partnership

Finding a provider who could meet us where we were with our existing technology was a challenge. Bluelock was the only provider who not only would help us protect our VMware environment, but also our physical systems. They weren’t afraid to take on both and make our overall management easier. Bluelock was able to give our team confidence through a robust DR environment that protects our entire infrastructure, regardless of the underlying technology. Parker_Smith_Feek_logo James Leigh Vice President, IT Manager, Parker, Smith & Feek
Bluelock decreased our overhead and increased our ability to effectively recover. As you grow, if you're not thinking about your business's resiliency and DR for your mission-critical items, you're going to have problems. It will be a much more difficult task to retroactively fit resiliency into your solution. hayes-log Keith Svetlik VP of Operations, Hayes Software Systems
It's a great feeling to present our continuity plan to an executive board and hear their excitement at our documented success and the speed of our recovery capability. It's great to have such a positive topic to share with the board each year, I look forward to that! Ben Ventura Partner at technology firm working with top worldwide organizations

Recovery Solutions

We’ve engineered disaster recovery-as-a-service to help you manage your availability in the face of challenges large or small—regardless of the complexity of your infrastructure.

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Hosting Solutions

With a long cloud hosting track record, we’re known for simplifying infrastructure management of high-potential, high-risk workloads—no matter what your business needs.

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Leaders in Business Continuity

Our experienced team of engineers and technologists have created a resource center designed to keep you informed for your next steps in recovery and hosting. Our Practical Guide to DRaaS provides a business-focused perspective on leveraging DRaaS to meet your unique availability requirements.

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By enabling businesses to focus more on impactful, strategic initiatives, and less on the complex day-to-day details of continuity solutions, you can focus on what truly matters—growing your business.

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4 Drivers to Transform IT Availability

In this eBook, not only will you learn about the IT Availability Landscape and its options, but also what other companies have done to evolve their IT disaster recovery strategies.

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White Paper

A Two-Pronged Approach to Locking Down IT Security

Preventative measures are key to securing your organization’s IT systems, but may be inadequate. With risks multiplying, the time is ripe for organizations to pay more heed to restorative and results-oriented security solutions. This white paper explores how choosing Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) could be a win-win strategy.

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